You Are The Information Technology (IT) Project Manager In A 200-Bed Inner-City Hospital That Has A 30-Member Primary Care Physician Group That Has One Hospital-Based Clinic And 4 Clinics Dispersed Throughout The Local Community.

You are the Information Technology (IT) project manager in a 200-bed inner-city hospital that has a 30-member primary care physician group that has one hospital-based clinic and 4 clinics dispersed throughout the local community. You have been asked by senior leadership to put together a proposal for creating the organization’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for both the hospital and the clinics.
Write 500- 700 words integrating MEDITECH EMR with any current electronic data sources (imaging, laboratory, dictation, billing, quality software systems).
APA format required.
Must include permalink on references which are scholarly.
Plagiarism must be less than 10%.

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