Carl, The Administrator Of Physicians Imaging Center, Is Under Pressure From His Physician Owners To Purchase An Expensive Imaging Machine, But He Believes That The Center Would Gain A Greater Competitive Edge By Using The Money For Other Purposes.

Carl, the administrator of physicians imaging center, is under pressure from his physician owners to purchase an expensive imaging machine, but he believes that the center would gain a greater competitive edge by using the money for other purposes. Nevertheless, the physician owners are adamant that they need this scanner to remain competitive.
Make a detailed list of all the considerations carl must take into account this situation. What do you recommend that carl do?
Babett is the CEO of St. Lucys radiology is one of St. Lucys most profitable services, due great part to Dr. Winkels excellent reputation, vision, and clinical/management expertise. Babett believes that Dr. Winkels likely will leave St. Lucys soon to join physicians imaging center, but St. Lucys cannot afford to lose Dr. Winkel.
What do you recommend that Babett do ? Specifically, what information foes Babett need to gather before she takes action. What are Dr. Winkles Obligations in this situation?

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