Assignment: Lab Assignment: Assessing the Genitalia and Rectum

Assignment: Lab Assignment: Assessing the Genitalia and Rectum

Patients are frequently uncomfortable discussing with healthcare professional’s issues that involve the genitalia and rectum; however, gathering an adequate history and properly conducting a physical exam are vital. Examining case studies of genital and rectal abnormalities can help prepare advanced practice nurses to accurately assess patients with problems in these areas.
In this Lab Assignment, you will analyze an Episodic note case study that describes abnormal findings in patients seen in a clinical setting. You will consider what history should be collected from the patients, as well as which physical exams and diagnostic tests should be conducted. You will also formulate a differential diagnosis with several possible conditions.

To Prepare
• Review the Episodic note case study your instructor provides you for this week’s Assignment. Please see the “Course Announcements” section of the classroom for your Episodic note case study.
• Based on the Episodic note case study:
o Review this week’s Learning Resources and consider the insights they provide about the case study. Refer to Chapter 3 of the Sullivan resource to guide you as you complete your Lab Assignment.
o Search the Walden library or the Internet for evidence-based resources to support your answers to the questions provided.
o Consider what history would be necessary to collect from the patient in the case study.
o Consider what physical exams and diagnostic tests would be appropriate to gather more information about the patient’s condition. How would the results be used to make a diagnosis?
o Identify at least five possible conditions that may be considered in a differential diagnosis for the patient.

The Lab Assignment
Using evidence-based resources from your search, answer the following questions and support your answers using current evidence from the literature.
• Analyze the subjective portion of the note. List additional information that should be included in the documentation.
• Analyze the objective portion of the note. List additional information that should be included in the documentation.
• Is the assessment supported by the subjective and objective information? Why or why not?
• Would diagnostics be appropriate for this case, and how would the results be used to make a diagnosis?
• Would you reject/accept the current diagnosis? Why or why not? Identify three possible conditions that may be considered as a differential diagnosis for this patient. Explain your reasoning using at least three different references from current evidence-based literature.

Week 10: assigned case assignment
Special Examinations—Breast, Genital, Prostate, and Rectal GENITALIA ASSESSMENT
• CC: “I have bumps on my bottom that I want to have checked out.”
• HPI: AB, a 21-year-old WF college student reports to your clinic with external bumps on her genital area. She states the bumps are painless and feel rough. She states she is sexually active and has had more than one partner during the past year. Her initial sexual contact occurred at age 18. She reports no abnormal vaginal discharge. She is unsure how long the bumps have been there but noticed them about a week ago. Her last Pap smear exam was 3 years ago, and no dysplasia was found; the exam results were normal. She reports one sexually transmitted infection (chlamydia) about 2 years ago. She completed the treatment for chlamydia as prescribed.
• PMH: Asthma • Medications: Symbicort 160/4.5mcg • Allergies: NKDA • FH: No hx of breast or cervical cancer, Father hx HTN, Mother hx HTN, GERD • Social: Denies tobacco use; occasional etoh, married, 3 children (1 girl, 2 boys)
Objective: • VS: Temp 98.6; BP 120/86; RR 16; P 92; HT 5’10”; WT 169lbs • Heart: RRR, no murmurs • Lungs: CTA, chest wall symmetrical • Genital: Normal female hair pattern distribution; no masses or swelling. Urethral meatus intact without erythema or discharge. Perineum intact. Vaginal mucosa pink and moist with rugae present, pos for firm, round, small, painless ulcer noted on external labia • Abd: soft, normoactive bowel sounds, neg rebound, neg murphy’s, negMcBurney
• Diagnostics: HSV specimen obtained
Assessment: • Chancre PLAN: This section is not required for the assignments in this course (NURS 6512) but will be required for future courses.

All references require creditable sources, nothing less than 5 years. References require doi or http. I will attach SOAP template to be used. The SOAP template needs page numbers and running head.

Episodic/Focused SOAP Note Template

Patient Information:
Initials, Age, Sex, Race
CC (chief complaint) a BRIEF statement identifying why the patient is here – in the patient’s own words – for instance “headache”, NOT “bad headache for 3 days”.
HPI: This is the symptom analysis section of your note. Thorough documentation in this section is essential for patient care, coding, and billing analysis. Paint a picture of what is wrong with the patient. Use LOCATES Mnemonic to complete your HPI. You need to start EVERY HPI with age, race, and gender (e.g., 34-year-old AA male). You must include the seven attributes of each principal symptom in paragraph form not a list. If the CC was “headache”, the LOCATES for the HPI might look like the following example:
Location: head
Onset: 3 days ago
Character: pounding, pressure around the eyes and temples
Associated signs and symptoms: nausea, vomiting, photophobia, phonophobia
Timing: after being on the computer all day at work
Exacerbating/ relieving factors: light bothers eyes, Aleve makes it tolerable but not completely better
Severity: 7/10 pain scale
Current Medications: include dosage, frequency, length of time used and reason for use; also include OTC or homeopathic products.
Allergies: include medication, food, and environmental allergies separately (a description of what the allergy is ie angioedema, anaphylaxis, etc. This will help determine a true reaction vs intolerance).
PMHx: include immunization status (note date of last tetanus for all adults), past major illnesses and surgeries. Depending on the CC, more info is sometimes needed

Soc Hx: include occupation and major hobbies, family status, tobacco & alcohol use (previous and current use), any other pertinent data. Always add some health promo question here – such as whether they use seat belts all the time or whether they have working smoke detectors in the house, living environment, text/cell phone use while driving, and support system.
Fam Hx: illnesses with possible genetic predisposition, contagious or chronic illnesses. Reason for death of any deceased first degree relatives should be included. Include parents, grandparents, siblings, and children. Include grandchildren if pertinent.
ROS: cover all body systems that may help you include or rule out a differential diagnosis You should list each system as follows: General: Head: EENT: etc. You should list these in bullet format and document the systems in order from head to toe.
Example of Complete ROS:
GENERAL: No weight loss, fever, chills, weakness or fatigue.
HEENT: Eyes: No visual loss, blurred vision, double vision or yellow sclerae. Ears, Nose, Throat: No hearing loss, sneezing, congestion, runny nose or sore throat.
SKIN: No rash or itching.
CARDIOVASCULAR: No chest pain, chest pressure or chest discomfort. No palpitations or edema.
RESPIRATORY: No shortness of breath, cough or sputum.
GASTROINTESTINAL: No anorexia, nausea, vomiting or diarrhea. No abdominal pain or blood.
GENITOURINARY: Burning on urination. Pregnancy. Last menstrual period, MM/DD/YYYY.
NEUROLOGICAL: No headache, dizziness, syncope, paralysis, ataxia, numbness or tingling in the extremities. No change in bowel or bladder control.
MUSCULOSKELETAL: No muscle, back pain, joint pain or stiffness.
HEMATOLOGIC: No anemia, bleeding or bruising.
LYMPHATICS: No enlarged nodes. No history of splenectomy.
PSYCHIATRIC: No history of depression or anxiety.
ENDOCRINOLOGIC: No reports of sweating, cold or heat intolerance. No polyuria or polydipsia.
ALLERGIES: No history of asthma, hives, eczema or rhinitis.
Physical exam: From head-to-toe, include what you see, hear, and feel when doing your physical exam. You only need to examine the systems that are pertinent to the CC, HPI, and History. Do not use “WNL” or “normal.” You must describe what you see. Always document in head to toe format i.e. General: Head: EENT: etc.
Diagnostic results: Include any labs, x-rays, or other diagnostics that are needed to develop the differential diagnoses (support with evidenced and guidelines)
Differential Diagnoses (list a minimum of 3 differential diagnoses).Your primary or presumptive diagnosis should be at the top of the list. For each diagnosis, provide supportive documentation with evidence based guidelines.
This section is not required for the assignments in this course (NURS 6512) but will be required for future courses.
You are required to include at least three evidence based peer-reviewed journal articles or evidenced based guidelines which relates to this case to support your diagnostics and differentials diagnoses. Be sure to use correct APA 6th edition formatting.

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Ethical audit report of the Toyota company

This assessment will be present as an ethical audit report that will provide a description of the organisation’s business ethics. Business Ethics is a manual for managing a responsible business enterprise in emerging market economies grow and many dedicated people and organizations. It is intended to provide a practical guide to assist owners and managers in meeting emerging global standards and expectations for an effective business ethics program. (Donald L.E., 2004) Business ethics focuses on the moral standards of right and wrong as they apply to behaviour within and across business institutions and other related organisations. As Toyota, the world’s largest automotive manufacturer designs and manufactures from Japan which so-called a world-class manufacturing quality expert. In recent years, Toyota has faces numerous ethical dilemmas and against to the drop of sales in its business.

Ethical Dilemmas of Toyota

First Issue – Dangerous safety Issue

In 16th March 2010, The government probe was launched a month after the automaker found itself in a storm of negative publicity and lawsuits over the issue of sticky pedals, which have lead to fatal crashes caused by sudden unintended acceleration. In 1st April 2010, Toyota faced mounting pressure Thursday as the government opened another probe of brake problems with the Prius, a crown jewel of its lineup. The brake system had a problem in the hybrid, the allegations of momentary loss of braking capability while travelling over uneven road surface, potholes or bumps. (Japan Today Toronto, 2010) Toyota says the problem rests with an electronic control module (ECM), a tiny circuit board that controls the operation of the engine.

In September 2009, the sudden acceleration problem in Toyota vehicles first gained national attention in the United States after it was reported that a Lexus E350 went out of control in San Diego, California in September 2009, killing four passengers. Toyota has being unethical to the community, the safety issues are badly bring negative influence to the society. By these cases, the sales of Toyota keep reducing and facing the losses of profit, it affected the reducing reputation of Toyota’s image and stock prices of Toyota have been southbound ever since news of the recalls hit the stands, with almost one-fifth of the company’s value wiped off the board on the Tokyo stock exchange, therefore, most of the shareholder might will sell out their shares and cause the share value drop quicker.

Second Issue – Poor Quality control

Toyota’s severe problems stem as much from poor crisis management as from poor product quality. Toyota’s desire to supplant General Motors as the world’s number one car maker pushed it to the outer limits of quality control. The evidence said that Toyota was expanding too much and too quickly started surfacing a couple of years ago. Not on the company’s bottom line, but on its car’s quality ratings. (Paul I., 2009) In fact, Toyota’s management had early knowledge of a manufacturing and performance flaw with its accelerators and gas pedals, and failed to act, the company is not only potentially guilty of criminal acts, but its management is guilty of customer abuse. Whenever management places its bottom-line interests ahead of the safety and lives of its customers, it should be terminated. (Thomas H., 2010)

Third Issue – Abuse Worker

Toyota’s manufacturing plants back home in Japan resembles some of the worst sweat shops in the world. Their operations have been described as “slavery” and “human trafficking”. (NLC, 2008, pg.39) Toyota has thousands of “karoshi” claims each year. This term means “over worked to death”. (NLC, 2008, pg.11) Their plants have very high suicide rates as well. And when an injury has occurred to an employee, on the job they are layer off, and receive no compensation. Toyota is well known for their union busting, which has destroyed many small countries all around the world. Toyota builds their plants in the poorest states to take advantage of the lowest wages in the country. (NLC, 2008, pg.29) Many workers have been kept on as temporary workers for over 4 years. Their goal is to lower the average wages in America, and Honda seems to be backing them. (NLC, 2008, pg.31) Toyota is one of the world’s most profitable corporations, yet the more profits they make, the more they lower worker wages. (New York Times, 2007)

How Toyota deals with the Dilemmas

Recalls Vehicles

Toyota has admitted to engaging in unethical behavior when it comes to investigating the safety of its vehicles. Toyota announced that they have a fix in place for the 2.3 million vehicles affected by their recent sticky gas pedal recall. The company says dealers are receiving training on how to fix the pedals and new parts are being shipped to dealers immediately. Toyota calls the remedy “a solution that involves reinforcing the pedal assembly in a manner that eliminates the excess friction that has caused the pedals to stick in rare instances.” A small piece of steel will be inserted inside the pedal assembly that will remove that surface friction. Customers will begin receiving calls and letters from their dealers to fix their vehicles soon. “We are focused on making this recall as simple and trouble-free as possible, and will work day and night with our dealers to fix recalled vehicles quickly,” said Toyota’s President Jim Lentz. “We want to demonstrate that our commitment to safety is as high as ever and that our commitment to our customers is unwavering.” (Reilly.B, January 2010)

Toyota has made normative ethics decisions which they not to escape and ignore the problems, they bravely stand out to apologized repeatedly for safety defects that led to recalls of some 8.5 million Toyota cars and trucks to all the consumers that facing the problems. By the way, Toyota have trying best to find out the solutions as fast as possible to solve the problems and recall back all the vehicles that faces the safety problems to solve their problems as well. For the ethic decision, Toyota will accept “full responsibility” for the halting steps that led to the recall, and also will offer condolences over the deaths of four San Diego, California, family members in a crash of their Toyota in late August, said by Toyota executive Jim Lentz. (Associated Press, 2010)

Quality Control Management

As the quality problems has been going wrong, Peter Drucker would have surely seen as the key to its hoped-for resurgence, it needs to get a much better handle on another type of control system that by which the entire enterprise manages the reliability of its products. Drucker explained that to give a manager proper control, controls must satisfy a number of criteria, including several that Toyota seems to be zeroing in on. For example, the company has pledged to increase its collection of consumer complaints and to then respond to them more quickly than in the past by deploying “SWAT teams” of technicians. It has also vowed to give its executives in the U.S. and other regions across the globe a greater voice in safety-related decisions. Until now, such authority has resided largely in Japan. (Rick, W., 2010)

With its reputation severely damaged by safety issues, Toyota Motor Corp. announced several steps Tuesday to improve its image, including the establishment of a panel of regional and local quality-control executives that will call the shots on recalls and other steps.Toyota Motor Corp President Akio Toyoda met Monday with Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and promised to improve quality control to regain consumer confidence in the automaker, which has been badly shaken by a recent spate of global recalls. (JapanToday Kanazawa, 2010)

Toyota can be applied in the descriptive ethical theory, about how decisions are actually made. Descriptive ethics studies what people do and think about morality. Specifically, descriptive ethics seek to describe how ethics decisions are actually made in business, and what influences the process and outcomes of those decisions. As in Toyota make decisions regarding business operations after comprehensive discussions at the Board meetings and other meetings of various cross-sectional decision-making bodies. (Toyota Annual Report, 2009) By the way, Toyota has faced operational and other risks that could significantly influence the decisions of investors, risk like high competitive and volatile, etc.

Labour Management

In an order dated Sept. 23, Toyota was told to “cease and desist” from scheduling workers for more than eight hours a day and to stop “intimidation or threats of penalty” against employees who refuse overtime hours. Greig Mordue, a spokesman for the automaker, said Toyota must now ask employees if they will agree to work overtime before posting hours, this for respect employees and also concern of their health care. 8 In Toyota, they applied normative ethic theory which has considerations of rights and the consequences in its labour management with moral judgement. Therefore, workers are being respected and could work with efficient and effective in their job.

Toyota’s labour-management relations are based on mutual trust between labour and management. The basic concepts of mutual trust between labour and management are: improvements in the lives of employees are realized through the prosperity of the company, and labour and management thus share the same goal of company prosperity as a common value; management will take into consideration to the greatest possible extent stable employment and will continuously strive to improve working conditions; and employees will cooperate with the company’s policies in order to promote the company’s prosperity.

Ethical best practices and values of Toyota

The core of Toyota is respect people, and obligated to follow the value. Toyota have ongoing training of everybody in the company on their values and what it means to treat people with respect, it is about behavior and not beliefs. That has been reinforced at the management level includes ethics training and legal training, it is always in front of them.

4.1 Respect for people

Toyota had a deep trust on employees’ problem-solving capabilities if challenged. Employees were regarded as an asset, not as a cost. Respect for people also meant that people’s time must be utilised to the fullest extent, as is evidenced in maximising the value adding time of employees on the shop floor by eliminating all types of waste. Respect is a good morality also a best practise in an organisation, employee and management interaction and closeness can be a strong morale booster in addition to employee responsibility ownership. The respect for people can be creating the motivation and loyalty to the company as well as they think they are part of the company when being respected.

For the ethics position, Toyota do not tolerate any form of harassment in the workplace based upon the personal characteristics protected by local applicable laws and regulations, such as race, ethnic and national origin, religion, age, gender, etc. Harassment may involve verbal, visual or physical conduct that negatively interferes with work performance, diminishes the dignity of any employee, or creates an intimidating, hostile or otherwise offensive work environment. Manufacturing is carried out by people, so it is most important to secure a safe environment for people to carry out manufacturing without worry. In a safe working environment, workers can concentrate their efforts on manufacturing, and make products of good quality.

4.2 Save Environment – Eco-efficient

Toyota is also dedicated to the environment. According to its website, “Toyota strives to create clean and efficient products, and to conserve resources before our vehicles even hit the road,” (Toyota Homepage). From receiving multiple awards for its green buildings, energy management, and hybrid cars, it is evident that Toyota is committed to protecting the environment. Today going green is more important than ever, with the threats of global warming looming in the near future. Toyota has done well in this sector by created eco-friendly cars to save the environment also concern of human’s health like reduce CO2 levels by using renewable energy. Between, Toyota has also definitely cutting edge of cars that are more fuel efficiency and eco friendly, as nowadays the fuel’s price is keep increasing, and this is one of the way to save fuel and produce lesser CO2 to the environment.

4.3 Education and training

Providing education and training is another manifestation of Toyota’s respect for people. In Toyota, education is to provide new knowledge and training and the learning opportunities for employees to practice their jobs in the right way. Toyota regards on-the-job training as more important than providing knowledge and trains employees until they can follow the right procedures of their work not only mentally but also physically. By this, education can expand an employee’s responsibilities to create new challenges for growth and self-esteem.

For the productive employees, they can often create their own new responsibilities, making themselves more valuable to their employer. Jobs that require the use of multiple talents are more meaningful and motivating than jobs that require only one skill. By the way, it can maintain standards and take corrective actions whenever abnormality occurs, so that provide education and training to subordinates can help them to develop self-discipline.


The problems of safety issues that created customer abuse of Toyota is badly influences to its company brand image and disappointment by the consumers. Toyota has trying best to recover to the problems and building up its brand image and the reputation of its company. Having an ethical decision making is the most important for an organisation, even the problems has recovered, there will still have problems occurred in the future. A safety issues of vehicle is very important for consumers, the vehicle is holding human’s life. Therefore, Toyota must consider the consequences before make a decision. Before the sales of vehicles, must do testing and checking for the inner parts of vehicles. Besides that, consumers’ safety must consider as an important key to success in a quality and secure vehicle.

By the way, the labour management is also important for a company to run smoothly and less mistakes. Workers must be work in a good condition of environment and with appropriate working hour per day. As one of the dilemmas of Toyota was mentioned, the workers were overload in the work, no pay for overtime, no compensation, and they were being stressed. These are cruelty way to treated workers with irresponsible and not respect action. By this, workers have not well condition in working, and then it might come out many mistakes on producing the vehicles. To solve this problem, manager can place the highest priority on safety and health programs and policies at work, so that each employee is able to work without undue concerns, and strive to prevent accidents and injuries from happening at work. Also, comply with local applicable laws and regulations to governing employees for the working hours, including overtime work. In addition, support efforts to improve the health of employees through health promotion activities at work, guidance for preventing illness, and other means.

On the other side, poor quality management would also affect the business progress. Since the recalls for more than millions of vehicles that sold out, many customers were disappointed on Toyota’s company, the so-called worldwide quality expert of Toyota’s image was broke. One of the mistake in Toyota’s management was, over confident to their brand image, so that they just concern on the profit sales and not much concern to its quality and the progress. They just wanted to produce new models of vehicles as much as possible and sell it out to increase their profit. In between, they did not check properly all the vehicles’ process, and then the problems occurred.

The highest priority at Toyota is quality. Consistently high quality is the biggest reason for the excellent reputation of their products around the world and for the trust they enjoy from customers. Toyota need to keep up with customers’ increasing expectations of vehicle quality and appreciate suppliers’ understanding that quality is an absolute prerequisite for the business, and Toyota assume that all Toyota suppliers will devote themselves to quality in development and production. To being a good in quality manufacturer, the management must follow step by step with the rules that were set. However, manager’s decision making is very important, when making a decision must not be rush, should think of the ethical and the timing, do the right decision and not affected any people and the quality of production since that Toyota is expert in quality. Besides that, must check and test very carefully for all the vehicles that have been produced before the sales.

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Targeting And Positioning Strategy Marketing Essay

This report is emphasized about the market targeting process which can identify as market segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy of TREE Travelling’s new packages which will base on local travelling. TREE Travelling uses demographic and psychographic to separate the huge group of people into several group segmentations. TREE Travelling will apply the relationship status of people and annual income level which is high or middle income level into demographic segmentation such as single and newly-married. Furthermore, it is also going to decide the hobby of people for using in psychographic segmentation. TREE Travelling uses differentiated marketing strategic for its packages and services which they currently provides in the market. Thus, travellers can choose the packages which depend on their own likeliness so that this will fulfil customers’ needs and wants. In the market targeting, TREE Travelling have to evaluate the competitive situation, cost structure and the packages and services’ potential sales. The market of travel agency is quite high competitive because there are many competitors is providing the different services to people. However, the potential sales of selling packages to travellers are quite high because nowadays many people have a higher income to go to have a travel. Therefore, TREE Travelling needs to do some investment on some advertisement by offering a new service in travelling market. In positioning, TREE Travelling must differentiate their packages and services with competitors such as provide a pet sitter and personal driver. In conclusion, all of these must be done by a tourism industry to get more profit for the company.

1.1 Purpose or Writing the Report

The mainly purpose of writing this report is to define the target of marketing process of travel agency that how a travel agency do the market segmentation, targeting and positioning on the customers who are willing to have a travel in Malaysia. The company name as TREE Travelling which can be identified as trustable, responsible, efficiency and economics. TREE is a company which provides a service of selling travelling packages to people who stay at around Subang Jaya of Selangor. Based on human population statistic, there are 5,287,880 people live in Selangor such as households and university students. The TREE Travelling is located in Subang Parade because it is well known for those households which are staying in Subang Jaya. The vision of TREE Travelling is their company and business keep growing up as a tree. It would not be crashed down if it has met any problem in its business.

1.2 Briefly introduction to the product

TREE Travelling provides five-star family packages, promotion family packages, group packages and honeymoon package. Family leisure travelling package is something like luxury packages for those family who have upper annual income. Five-star family package is providing a maid for the family and always look after the family who is having pet. Promotion family package is a cheaper package than the luxury package and providing a good service for the travellers. Young leisure travelling package is provided for the person who is single; TREE Travelling will do the promotion and approach them to join this kind of tour. And, TREE Travelling will make sure the travellers are single. Next, the romance travelling package is only for two people to join this tour. There is nobody will disturb them and guide where they should go. Lastly, indulgence travelling package is based on their preference such as lifestyles and hobbies.

1.3 Targeting Process

To start a business, an organisation must be well known about the targeting process. In targeting process, there are 3 fundamental stages which identify as segmentation, targeting and positioning. First, the market segmentation is separating a huge market into several segments (Jobber 2007). Market targeting will be the second stage of targeting process which is based on identifying, understanding and developing an offering for those segments of the entire market that help the organisation can have a best serving for their customers (Elliott, Thiele & Waller 2010). Lastly, positioning is establishing the product or service of company that offers in the selected market in relation to compete with the competitor in the market.

Market Segmentation Describing

Market Segmentation is subgroup of total consumer market that share the similar personality and needs relevant to the purchase or use of a product, service or experience (Hsu et al 2008, p. 93). In market segmentation, it allows companies to go some of the way towards satisfying diverse customer needs while maintaining certain scale economies (Dibb & Simkin 2008, p. 71). A company should identify the characteristic of segmentation variables. Segmentation variables can be fall into four different categories which name as demographic, behaviour, geographic, and psychographic variables (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller 2010, p. 176).

2.1 Demographic segmentation

Demographic segmentation is market segmentation based on demographic variable such as age, ethnicity, gender, number of people in a household, marital status, occupation, religion, nationality, education and income levels. Demographic segmentation is easier to measure compared to other characteristics and also it is the most popular characteristics of segmentation variables. One of the variables that TREE Travelling used for targeting is relationship status. TREE Travelling aimed to attract tourists who is single or marriage people. Mostly for single person, TREE Travelling has young leisure travelling style which is give them a group packages like ten people or fifteen people. This is because it is not possible to single person to go vacation by his self. Usually they go vacation with their friends. Besides that, TREE Travelling has romance travelling style which is honeymoon packages for newly-marriage couple who want to go for honeymoon. They also have marriage couple packages for marriage people who already married for long time but want to go holiday by only two people.

Another variable that TREE Travelling used for targeting is income levels. Income level is a famous demographic variable because the purchasing power of customers’ needs and wants will increase which cause by having upper income level. TREE Travelling products are focusing on people who have higher income and middle income. And then, they have family leisure travelling style packages for upper income level and middle income level. For upper income level, they give five-stars family packages which have five-star services. Furthermore, they also give promotion family packages which have low cost and good services for middle income level.

2.2 Psychographic segmentation

Psychographic segmentation is market segmentation based on the psychographic variables of lifestyle, motives and personality attributes (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller 2010). In comparison of demographic segmentation who alone to explain who consumer are, this technique is used to find and to identify types of people’s lifestyle.

Obviously, every people have different lifestyles, motives and behavior. Lifestyles are the styles of living of people that is reflected in their hobbies, interest, and opinions that are about something around them (Kotler & Amstrong 2006). TREE Travelling has provided their service to fit various kinds of lifestyles. They have indulgence travelling style packages which is historical packages for people who like about history. Another package is shopping packages for people who like shopping; they can choose this shopping package because this package provided tour to many shopping places in Malaysia.

Market Targeting

Target market is having decided how best to segment the market, the strategist is then faced with a series of decisions on how many and which segments to approach (Gilliagan & Wilson 2003, p.434). There are three factors that company need to be consider about target marketing, such as the growth and size potential of each segment, their structural attractiveness, and the organization’s resources and objectives (Gilliagan & Wilson 2003, p.434). Target market also has many kinds of market strategies, which market strategy a company chooses will depend on a host of market, competitive factors and products.

3.1 Which target strategy?

There are many ways to look the market and the exacting perspective an organization takes has a wide influence on all of its marketing activities. Including 3 different perspectives:

Customers have common needs, wants and demands (undifferentiated).

Customers have unique needs, wants, and demands (differentiated).

The market includes subgroups who shares similar needs, wants and needs (concentrated)

All of these perspectives take different approaches in marketing process. If customers are similar and have similar needs, wants, and demand then the marketers should use the undifferentiated approach in the marketing mix that is organization have same offer to everyone. If all customers have unique needs, wants, and demands then the marketers should use differentiated approach to match the differences between customers. Next, if the customers’ needs are difference, but they have shared similar characteristics, then the marketers should use the undifferentiated approach to any one group while differentiating the offerings between groups (Elliott, Rundle-Thiele & Waller 2010). TREE Travelling adopts differentiated marketing. Because in tourism business, each of the customers have a unique wants, different needs and demands. TREE Travelling will target at single and marriage people with higher income level or middle income level.

3.2 Evaluation of segmentation

Company has to look over their market segments which involve accuracy information of competitive situation, cost structures and sales potential (Elliot, Rundle-Thiele, and Waller 2010).

3.2.1 The competitive situation

TREE Travelling needs to be familiar with the competitor’s weaknesses and strengths in the market to predict the success of the product and service. If the competitor has already held strong position in the market, TREE Travelling will be hard to compete with them. Such as Corsa Travel agency has number of tourist in the market which is located in Subang Jaya district, Malaysia. Corsa Travel has provided holiday packages for everyone. However, they do not have packages depends on different travelling styles.

3.2.2 The cost structures

TREE Travelling needs to have the cost structure of promotion, administrative, distribution and production costs into consideration while offering a new service to its targeted segment (Elliot, Rundle-Thiele & Waller 2010). All of these costs will directly influence the process of pricing reasonable which is able to compete in the market and improve the sales volumes. The travel agency should have a complete set of packages which should consider the reasonable costs.

3.2.3 The sales potential

TREE Travelling needs to consider the sales potential where evaluates the maximum revenue and the market share which produce from expected sales of the special services (Elliot, Rundle-Thiele and Waller 2010). The market potential for travel agency in Selangor is 5,287,880 citizens in 2010, therefore TREE Travelling chooses Subang Jaya as the location of their office for getting more people to buy their packages. In addition, now a lot of people are going to travel and visit some of the historical place for improving their knowledge. Therefore, many people will come and have a look for the packages in order to compete with another company.

Market Positioning

The process of designing an image and value so that customers within the target segment understand what the company or brand stands for in relation to its competitors can defined by positioning (Wilson and Gilligan 2003). In doing positioning, the strategist is starting to customers what the product means and how it differs formed current and potential competing products. Same thing like TREE Travelling did, TREE have different strategy compared to other travel agency. They have packages based on 4 different travelling styles such young leisure, romance, indulgence, and family leisure. Besides that, TREE travelling also has other services such as pet sitting and personal driver for romance packages with choosing higher income level package. They have one pets shop and some professional sitter to take care customers’ pets. Therefore, for those customers who afraid that nobody will take care of their pets during travel, they can bring their pets to TREE Travelling’s office. After customers finished their travelling, if they realize that their pets have injured during travel, TREE Travelling would pay all the fees for the medical of pets.

PIC for assignment positioning.jpg


In conclusion, from the report above, a company can apply the market strategy that the steps to open a new business in the travel agency field such as do segmenting the markets, choose the right targeting market strategy and position the products or services to fit consumer needs and wants. TREE Travelling do all of these is try to keep a long term relationship with customers and try to attract new customers. It is because a good product that customer would spread them out as a media to others. This might help company to gain more profit at this moment. Additionally, this report show the company in how to doing business in the travelling or tour agency sector.


As a travel agency, TREE has to do some market research before coming out with travelling packages such as customers’ needs and wants. In this case, it might fulfil the customers’ satisfaction with the services and packages. In addition, TREE might do some travelling fair as a promotion in different shopping complex. People who want to travel that might come and look for the package and compare with others travel agency. In this case, people might know about the TREE is existing in the travelling market already. Sometimes, TREE could give some souvenir to the customers who have bought their packages for going to have a travel. However, TREE also needs to do some research about its competitors. TREE must be acknowledge and understanding what its competitors have done in the market. Lastly, TREE must do some advertising through the media with the purpose to promote about its company well. All of these advertisements would help TREE to get more sales on the packages.

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Neptune Needs To Find The Most Efficient Solution Marketing Essay

Neptune Gourmet Seafood is the North America’s third largest seafood producer. They are having tagline “The Best Seafood on the Water Planet” and they adhere to that. In order to preserve the company premium image, Neptune had made a huge investment in new technology to improve catching processes to be more efficiently. However, this has leads to the problem of piling up the inventory. The problem of excess inventory can cause various issues to the company such as tight up of cash and loss of profit margins. To cope with this problem, Rita Sanchez comes up with a strategy of cutting down the price in the product of Neptune Gold which is the premium brand of Neptune. Jim Hargrove, the marketing director of Neptune Gourmet Seafood, refuse the proposal, because he worried that the price cut strategy will damage the premium product image. In order to maintain the Neptune’s reputation, Sanchez recommended a plan of launching a new mass-market brand. This can help Neptune decrease the inventory by adding more customers for Neptune especially to those customer who sensitive to price. However, Hargrove fears that an inexpensive brand would cannibalize the company’s premium line and also lead to price war by its competitors. This issue was taken up for discussion at the Neptune’s Marketing and Operations Council meeting. During the meeting, each executive has different opinion, some agree with Sanchez while others take the side of Hargrove in disagreement of the proposal.

Problem Statement

Neptune Gourmet seafood is failed to analyze the problem correctly and was actually suffering from marketing myopia. They are focused only on the supply side by increasingly invest in improve their product and supply, but they are unable to view the challenges arising from market side. Neptune is now accumulating excess inventory. It means that the company is facing a problem with oversupply for existing demand. Therefore, Neptune has to come up the solutions to dispose this excess inventory and also profitably exploit a supply increase.

Criteria of the Problem

Neptune needs to find the most efficient solution to sell its excess inventory without affecting its brand image.

Options to the Problem

Market penetration- Go for a price cut of around 40- 50%

Product development- Launch a new brand (Neptune’s Silver) with low price than the existing brand (Neptune’s Gold) to existing market

Market development – Introduce the existing brand (Neptune’s Gold) to a new market

Diversification- Launch a new brand with low price than the existing brand to new market (such as South America and Central America)







Evaluation of the options

Options 1: Go for a price cut of around 40- 50%


Lowering the price may seem to be a viable solution; it could be a quick strategy to gain high sales volume.


Dropping the price may only be a temporary or short term solution to Neptune. The customer may expect the prices to remain low for a long term. They are not ready for the subsequent rise in the price and when it happens they might switch to a competitor’s product.

When a company lowers its prices, it will send wrong signals to customers that it has been overcharging them in the past.

If Neptune made a reduction in price, their competitor will try to meet the challenge by lower down their price as well; this could lead to a price war in the industry.

It may destroy the image of Neptune; customer will think there’s something wrong with the fish.

Options 2: Launch a new brand (Neptune’s Silver) with low price than the existing brand (Neptune’s Gold) to existing market


Launching a new mass-market brand is a long-term strategy that could enhance Neptune’s profits without endangering its hard-earned brand equity.

Launch a new brand could generate opportunity for Neptune to bring in new customer.

Launch a new low-price brand and capture as much share of price conscious customers before any other player made entry into this segment.

It could broaden the pie for the entire seafood industry as well as carve out a generous slice for itself.

It allows Neptune to operate at its full capacity serving all segments.


The new brand may cause negative impact to their existing brand or cannibalize the company’s premium line.

Options 3: Introduce the existing brand to a new market


It can sell to those areas that do not have seafood supply.

It can help Neptune increase demand by attract new customer from the new geographical area.

This could consolidate Neptune position at other market as well as make it a nation player.


It may contain risk since they have no experience on the new market.

It often takes a long time for the customer in new market to recognize Neptune product.

It may be costly to introduce and communicate Neptune’s product and to enter the new market.

Options 4: Launch a new brand with low price than the existing brand to new market (such as South America and Central America)


By target another different segment with new brand so that the sales will not be cannibalized with the existing brand and reputation of the premium-line will not be affected.

Increase market power, surplus earned by another way that competitor may not be able to.


It may contain high risk because they do not have experience on the new market and the new low-price product may be not accepted by the customer.

It may be high cost and takes time to enter the new market.


After analyze the benefits and drawbacks of the 4 different options, we can see that launch a new mass-market brand would be the most attractive decision. However, the decision of the case needs to depend on the scenarios: whether it is an industry wide phenomenon or it is Neptune’s specific problem.

If it is only the Neptune’s specific and temporary problem, then I would suggest Neptune selling their excess inventory to wholesalers operating without their brand name in some other market places so that it will not diluting their brand equity. If it is industry wide phenomenon, then I would like to recommendation Neptune to go for a proactive strategic by launch a new lower-price product because it is certain that future war between the players will be based on price. By launching a new brand, it not only helps Neptune address its immediate inventory problem but also enable Neptune to sustain its competitive advantage and better compete with their competitor in the future.


If Neptune launches a new branch with a totally new look and lower price than its existing brand (Neptune’s Gold), Neptune could launch a campaign to introduce and communicate their new-line to the customer. They can increase the consumer’s consumption by educate them about the nutritious, taste and benefit of the seafood that they produced. Moreover, by launching this campaign combined with the positive worth of mouth, when people listen to their friends and family about the Neptune’s product, Neptune can able to reach more customers and encourage them to consume more of the products.

Neptune should highlight the differences between the new brand and their existing premium brand (Neptune’s Gold) to avoid muddying Neptune’s gourmet image. However, the company should not label their new-line as low-price product; it should position it as another high-quality product but with a cheaper price. Furthermore, Neptune can label the new brand package with ‘Supplied by Neptune,’ which would provide customer with an implicit quality assurance. To market the new brand, Neptune can place it at the entry-level customers shop and sell it through mass-market national or regional supermarkets and big box retailers that sell fresh-food.

Besides launch a new mass-market brand, Neptune can generate incremental sales in another way. Neptune could encourage restaurants and wholesalers to buy more by offer a discount to them when they purchases extra quantities of what they had purchased in the previous order. Since it only applies to additional sales, Neptune only sacrifices little profits from this strategy unlike the first options that suggest by Sanchez which will cause a huge loss for the company.


In my opinion, the pileup of inventory is not a temporary problem to Neptune. This is because the excess inventory is cause by the investment in new technology combined with the effect of new fishing regulations. Therefore, I would suggest Neptune to launch a new mass-market brand to cope with this excess inventory for a long term purpose. If Neptune worried that it will affect the reputation of its premium line or cannibalizing the existing brand, then maybe they can go for the entirely different market places to launch this new brand.

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Mothercare Is UKs Favourite Baby Product Retailer Marketing Essay


From last few years, Internet and Digital marketing has become a popular and effective mode of marketing for several companies all over the world. The report examines the study of e-marketing as an essential way of marketing in the modern day. Further, the current e-marketing strategy of Mothercare PLC is discussed. How e-marketing plays an important role in the success of Mothercare all over the world. In the latter part, there is a discussion of new promotional strategies Mothercare can adopt to excel further in their business gain more popularity.


Mothercare is UK’s favourite baby product retailer that sells everything a woman could need from the early stages of pregnancy, through to children’s school uniform. Mothercare offers the best selection of push chairs, nursery furniture, accessories, maternity wear, bathing products, baby safety and feeding products, toys, car seats and baby and children’s wear. The Mothercare group is comprised principally of two iconic retail brands with international appeal; Mothercare and Early Learning Centre. The Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands are synonymous with children and parenting. Both these brands carry with them a reputation of specialism, safety, quality and innovation in providing products for mothers, mothers-to-be, babies and young children. Both the brands are committed to offer their customers a multi-channel shopping environment through retail stores and

Internets, so that parents meet the needs and expectations of their children, worldwide. Mothercare currently operates in about 50 different countries, primarily in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia. Mothercare boosted its presence in the retail toy market with its purchase of the Early Learning Centre (ELC) in the year 2007. In 2009, the number of employees working for Mothercare PLC was 7,715.

Company History

Mothercare PLC is a British retail company founded in the year 1961 by Mr Selim Zilkha, an Iraq born entrepreneur who also served the U.S Army during World War 2. Mr Zilkha bought the 50-store W.J. Harris nursery furniture chain and renamed it Mothercare, and expanded it until it had over 400 stores. He sold his interest in Mothercare in the year 1981 and moved back to USA. Established Mothercare was first listed on the London Stock Exchange in the year 1972. In the year 1982, it merged with Habitat to form Habitat Mothercare PLC and in 1986 Habitat Mothercare plc merged with British Home Stores to form Storehouse plc. In 1996, Mothercare bought Children’s World from Boots. In the year 2007, Mothercare bought Early Learning Centre (ELC) in April 2007 for £85 million. In 2007 Mothercare launched Gurgle, a pregnancy and parenting social networking website and in November 2009 Mothercare acquired the 50% of Gurgle that it did not already own. In July 2010, Mothercare bought the trademark and brand of privately owned rival Blooming Marvellous. Mothercare made total sales of $1,154.8million in the financial year 2007-2008 which was 12.3% more than last year. Out of which, $35.6M was the net income which was an increase of 17.1% compared to the previous year.[email protected]

Share price of Mothercare plc (in millions)

Corporate Strategy

The aim of Mothercare PLC is to become the world’s leading specialist retailer of parenting and children’s products. The acquisition of the Early Learning Centre in June 2007 was a key step in the development of this proposition. Their objective is to develop exciting and innovative own-brand products under both Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands.

Growth Strategy

The growth strategy of the Mothercare group is focused on four key levers that will deliver the potential of the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands.

maximising the synergies from the integration of the Early Learning Centre;

restructuring the combined Mothercare and Early Learning Centre property portfolio;

Driving the global reach of the Mothercare and Early Learning Centre brands.

Current status of the company’s e-marketing strategy

Marketing has been there since the day humans first started trading. Marketing was the stories they used to convince other humans to trade. Humans have come a long way since then, and marketing has too. The methods of marketing have changed and improved. E-Marketing or electronic marketing refers to the application of marketing techniques and principles via electronic media and more specifically internet. The terms e-marketing, online marketing and internet marketing are often interchanged and can be considered synonymous most of the times. When implemented correctly, the return on investment from e-marketing can far exceed than that of traditional marketing.

Sales at Mothercare’s online and mail order division grew by 16.3% in the financial year 2009-10. Mothercare’s online channel famously offers customers a much broader range of stock than its shops, with more than 300 buggies. Also Chief executive Ben Gordon said: “Online sales accounts for more than 20% of its UK business.

Mothercare’s e-marketing strategy is quite simple. They aim to make more products available online compared to the stores in order to encourage online shopping. Mothercare understands that it’s a busy world and many people these days prefer to shop online rather than in the stores. Also the target market of Mothercare is women who are mothers or to be mothers. Mothers have a lot of work to do at home and they can save time by shopping online. Also it’s not very convenient to shop in the stores with kids. Their website is designed in such a way that the users will be close to the website and spend more time on the site browsing through the different products. As a part of the company’s effort of providing more information about its product range, the online catalogue is designed in such a way that the customer has an option of customising his or her search and finding the appropriate according to his or her choice.

Features of Mothercare’s current website

Online business model: Just like most of the retailers, Mothercare’s website is made up in accordance with the merchant model. The company does not charge customers to subscribe however in order to increase the number of customers and to keep the existing customers posted about the new offers and promotions, the home page of the website has a registration tab. People who are interested can fill in their details and register for free.

Custom search: The website has different tabs for different categories of products. For example, there are tabs like maternity under which different type of pregnant women wear is listed and under toys & gifts section products like toys, CDs and books are listed. Customers can also search using product codes and brands. There is a custom search tab on the right hand top corner of the website where customer can enter the keywords and search the required product. For example, if someone wants to buy a baby blankets, they just have to enter blanket and press the search button. This saves time for many customers who shop online under a busy schedule.

Use of Graphical User Interface: On the homepage of the website, company publishes all latest offers, new products launched, new price discounts and latest/upcoming in-store events are communicated through pictures and slogans. Mother care uses Graphical User Interface which allows users to interact with programs in more ways than typing.

Online catalogue system: Mothercare develops a new catalogue every season. For example Mothercare Spring catalogue was developed few months back. The catalogue has different sections like new arrivals, favourites, top offers etc.

Online expert service: On the home page of the site, there is a section for expert advice where customer care advisor answers queries related to pregnancy, maternity, kids clothing etc. Also at the bottom of the home page, there is a tab called “baby & me”. In this section, there are blogs of various mothers, advices on how to take care of the baby etc. The section guides new mothers how to take care of the baby. For example how to change nappies, how to bathe them etc.

Online Database Management system: Mothercare introduced their On-line Data Management System (ODMS) for the upkeep of their catalogue and marketing images, it presented an easy vehicle for providing the franchises with a library of POS for their shop display needs.

Secure Payment process: Contributing to the company sales is Mothercare Direct, the mail order catalogue and (shopping and information website). Mothercare needed a system that would efficiently process orders through these channels, enable it to consistently meet its 4-day delivery promise and generate accurate statistics that could be used to develop initiatives for building relations with its direct customers. Mailbrain was chosen for this job. Mailbrain integrates traditional and e-commerce channels via an end to end software solution that provides a single view of the customer throughout the entire distance selling process. Mailbrain is a secured system for maintaining secured payments.

Policies of the company: The Company provides useful information about itself, its products, delivery details, offers, returns policy, data protection, store locations, and jobs.

Gurgle: Mothercare, in a joint venture with social networking and digital marketing experts Media Burn launch to bring together a wealth of experience from both worlds to allow parents to create their own online community, share their experiences and gather the latest expert information. Having launched in late 2007, is now set to make a renewed impact as Mothercare flexes its retail muscle on the site’s behalf. Supported thus far by links through to the site from and, this in-store promotion marks a new era for Mothercare as it announces his arrival as a serious player in the ever-evolving world of social networking, bringing the brand closer to its customers and offering them a truly personal product. A total of 219 Mothercare stores across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will support by carrying striking posters promoting awareness of the site with the aim of attracting more members and traffic. Featuring a baby held in the palm of his mother’s hand with a ‘This Way Up’ stamp on his back, the posters were designed by St Luke’s Communication to convey the message that is at hand for new parents. Posters will have prominence in-store for a minimum of six months, with a refreshed burst of activity planned at that point. Partnering the poster activity will be an incentivised registration drive to encourage new members for the site. Communicated by way of a leaflet drop in each customer’s bag, parents will be encouraged to sign up to to create their own network of other mums and mums-to-be, joining groups with others in their local area or similar stage of pregnancy to share photos, messages, articles and information. New members who join via the Mothercare promotion in the first two weeks will also be in the running to win £200 in Mothercare vouchers, with winners to be selected at random. will also be promoted in both Mothercare and Early Learning Centre catalogues, as well as the Mothercare magazine. Mothercare Chief Executive Ben Gordon said: “ is a natural extension for Mothercare, as it leverages the expertise and authority of our brand to reach a broader spectrum of customers when they need advice most in their own homes.

Social Networking: Mothercare’s home provides the option of visiting its own blog on social networking sites like facebook, twitter and bebo.

Search Engine optimization with Search Works

Mothercare PLC has appointed The Search works to manage Mothercare and Early Learning Centre’s search engine marketing campaign. The digital marketing company will be responsible for creating marketing content that will boost both brands’ profile. The campaign aims at implementing strategies that will improve the search rankings, heighten their visibility, and build on their reputation as market leaders.

Environmental Analysis

Macro-Environmental Analysis (PEST analysis)

Before recommending new viral marketing strategies that can be adopted by Mothercare, lets have a look at the macro-environmental factors that can affect the company.

Political/ Legal factors:

Instability of the UK government: Mothercare is a UK based company and UK is one of the biggest contributors to its revenue. The instability of the government in Great Britain could be a concern. With a changing Government, there might be new laws into enforcement that might affect the business.

Political situation in operation countries: Mothercare takes online delivery orders from all over the world. The political situation in Europe is not very good especially in countries like Greece, Spain, Italy and Portugal. These countries contribute to Mothercare’s revenue to a great extent and instable political situation will severely affect its business.

Legal factors: Mothercare has already entered India, China and Russia which are considered to be the most rapidly developing nations in the world. The company is making huge profits from these countries however legal restrictions in these countries are affecting its revenue. For example, In India a foreign retail company cannot enter the market with a fully owned subsidy. There is a 49% restriction on FDI in retailing.

Economic factors:

Level of Unemployment: Unemployment is high in European countries like Italy, Spain and Ireland and also countries like India which are major contributors to Mothercare’s revenue. High unemployment decreases the demand for many goods and also reduced the purchasing power of the consumers.

Economic Instability: High degree of instability and a fear of double dip in UK might force Mothercare to sell more products online and also migrate to other rising economies of the world (BRIC). In such a case the online medium of selling has a very good potential model for the company.

Social factors:

Social networking: The rise of social networking gives a big platform for the company to proliferate its business online. The company already has its social networking site called ‘Gurgle’ and gets a huge number of feedbacks and responses from the members.

Customer tastes and preferences: The Company continuously tends to change its products and related offers with the changing customer tastes and preferences. Since Mothercare makes a lot of revenue by its online sales fashion and technology are intricate parts of their business. The company needs to continuously adapt of changing patterns in fashion and new technologies.

Wiki leaks: The latest online debacle created by is socially preventing individuals to trade or shop online.

Technological factors:

Web2.0: Development of web2.0 is the major reason for the development of Ecommerce (online trading). Retailers use this technology to develop a user interactive interface wherein they can receive comments and feedbacks of the product/service.

Internet: Internet is certainly the greatest and most unique of technology to mankind. With the increasing availability and popularity of internet service all over the world, companies like Mothercare can penetrate markets all over the world

Development of Android technology: Android technology has revolutionised the growth of mobile commerce today. Many retailers like Tesco & Debenhams use mobile phone applications in an effort to maintain close relationships with its customers.

Micro-Environment Analysis (Porter’s five forces)

Degree of Rivalry amongst firms: Mothercare is a very old and established manufacturer of mother and baby products however it faces tough competition from retailers like Mamas & Papas, Hamleys toy store, Toys R Us Limited and Katie’s Playpen. These retailers operate at a lower level but give tough competition to Mothercare. Hence Mothercare has struggled at home recently despite being successful overseas, especially in countries like India and Russia.

Bargaining Power of Suppliers: The Company sells the same products online that it sells in the stores and Mothercare is a big and reputed country which operates in many countries of the world. Hence it maintains good relationship with the suppliers and can switch suppliers if needed hence this lowers the bargaining power of its suppliers.

Bargaining Power of Buyers: As stated earlier there are quite a few companies manufacturing and selling similar products like Mothercare hence customers have options. The availability of internet almost everywhere and 24×7 makes it more difficult for (official website of Mothercare) to differentiate its online value proposition from its competitors. Hence Mothercare faces a high bargaining power from the buyers.

Barriers to New Entry: Mothercare is well established in Europe, Middle East and Asia. In United Kingdom and other European countries there are very few entry barriers for retailers trying to enter the market and sell products and services online. However in Middle East countries like United Arab Emirates and Asian countries like India there are trade restrictions however there are not many barriers to set up an online business with the increasing penetration of Internet in developing countries.

Threat of Substitute: In the present generation internet has practically no feasible substitute, hence e-commerce is a safer platform from substitute technology perspective, and makes it easier for companies who are looking for this medium as an option of entry. Hence threat of substitutes is low.

Recommendations on viral marketing to increase the popularity of Mothercare’s website

After looking at the competition of the industry and the success of Mothercare, it has been analysed that Mothercare should popularise its website so that it can gain a competitive advantage and increase its online sales. A properly planned viral marketing plan would enable the website to register more and more customers and increase its online market share. The steps that will be involved in the viral marketing campaign are as follows:

Widget marketing: Widgets are the most common and effective tool used by most marketers to increase the penetration of their website viewers. Widget is a small graphical device that does a highly focused, often single, specific task. Retail companies like Tesco and Sainsbury’s use widgets as a part of their viral marketing campaign. Mothercare widget will be blue in colour and will be similar to the Mothercare logo.

(Mothercare’s Widget)

The Widget will also be made available on Smartphones such as Apple IPhone, HTC Wildfire, HTC Desire, Blackberry, Samsung Genio and Sony Ericson Xperia. The mobile enabled widget would increase the user base of Mothercare through M commerce mode. Widgets may take time and manpower to develop, but the deployment and embedding cost nothing. Essentially, widgets are an extremely effective, low cost way of driving qualified traffic and creating brand exposure.

Changes to the home page: The ‘Contact us’ tab should be placed in such place that it is visible to the viewers rather than keeping it at the bottom left hand corner of the site. Also the Customer Services number should be there on the home page so that customers can contact in case of queries and complaints.

Use of RSS feeds: RSS is a combination of web feed formats used to publish frequently updated works such as blog entries, news headlines, audio, and video in a standardized format. Mothercare can use RSS feeds to publish their information on their site as well as links.

Keyword tools: Keyword tools are very essential to obtain ranking on search engines. Keyword tools are needed in order to determine the words that people uses when searching and researching on the Internet. Yahoo and Google have both free keyword tools that most SEO uses. Using the most searched keywords on the content of your website will create more traffic and increase the chances for your online business to succeed.

Request links from non-competing, quality companies related to the industry: This is a simple but effective piece of internet marketing advice. Links allow you to get quality traffic while increasing the prestige of your business. Visitors that enter your site from a link that they find on another site are predisposed to believe that they will find something of value there (if not, why would the site take the time and effort to link to it?). The added benefit to link building internet marketing techniques is that they can give a tremendous boost to your link popularity, which is a major factor in determining how your site gets ranked in search engines. Mothercare can request links from companies like Amazon which is non-competing.

Make promotional offers attract the attention of the viewers: gives a lot of information about the latest offers however it could be made more eye-catching. For example, there is a free delivery offer on orders above £100 which a great offer but the offer is posted on the left corner of the site. Such important offers should be displayed in such a way that it could catch the attention of the viewers.

Write informative articles about the business and products and make them available to online publications and webmasters: There are numerous sites that allow offering original informational articles for others to publish. First, all of these sites require anyone who is reprinting your article to provide a link back to your site, which can provide highly targeted. This is also another way to boost your link popularity, which is vitally important to your search engine rankings.

Few things to avoid: There are a few things that the company website must avoid like bad user experience and usability, poor navigation, slow performance and inability to make changes.

Online Customer support: Some companies like Hutchison 3 Global Services (3 mobile) use online chat system where a customer or the site user can chat with a company representative and ask doubts and queries to the representative regarding the company or the products. Mothercare can also use this technique to provide quick online assistance.

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Corporate Strategies And Analysis Of Adidas Marketing Essay

Adidas’s target market for their shoes, clothes and other accessories are males and females between 18 and 35 years old.Is committed to the design the more fashionable products to meet the needs of young today

â-† Adidas (adidas) Brand Profile:

Country: Germany

Create Year: 1924

Brand Registration Year: 1949

Product Category: mes and athletics apparel, yoga clothing, sports accessories (watches, glasses, etc.), footwear, men’s fragrances and skin care products

Founder: Adolf • Dassler (Adolf Adi Dassler)

Company headquarters: Germany, Nuremberg

Adidas (adidas) brands: Y-3, Adidas classic clover (adidas Original), adidas SLVR Label

Adidas (adidas) Advertisement: “Impossible is Nothing”

Part Two. Problem Identification

Strong competitors in the industry

As a rival of Adidas, the strength of Nike is beyond doubt. It is one of the most recognizable companies in the entire world as well as the most popular brand in, not just America, but throughout the whole world.

But as competitors in the same industry, Nike has a strong competitive edge cannot be ignored. Nike’s target customer is the same as Adidas. For their shoes, clothes and other product committed to more fashionable design to meet the market need today. On the other hand, Nike offers all the athletic shoes, clothes, and other accessories one would need to wear in their certain sport. The same, Adidas also sponsors many sports and sports stars, in order to promote their products.

In this case, if Adidas would like to stand out from competitors in the industry, there must be more strongly competitive, in addition, more rational strategy is essential.

Market share threatened

% of Market Share



Adidas-Salomon A.G.




The % of Market share before Adidas acquired Reebok

-Compared with NIKE

Market share refers to the relative market adoption of various products. In the athletic shoe industry, only identify the target market, and using effective strategies to increase market share stable.

As the competitor- Nike, Its competitive market has expanded and dominated in the international market. It disburse TV ads during professional and college sports events, prime-time programs, and late-night TV programs, all are very effective strategies to influence and attract the target customers to meet increasing market share and sales.

-Acquisition of Reebok

Adidas’ acquisition of Salomon complemented its existing sporting goods manufacturing by adding snowboarding, skiing, cycling, and golf markets. In contrast, Adidas’ acquisition of Reebok only strengthens its position in its existing production of athletic goods, footwear, and apparel. The two company’s geographic market segments complement each other very well. Reebok holds a strong position in the United States with 12.2 percent of the athletic footwear market and also holds the leading market share in the “classics” shoe category. Meanwhile, Adidas has 9 percent of the U.S. athletic shoe market and has a stronger position in the European market. However, industry leader Nike holds 36.6 percent of the U.S. athletic shoe market.

Part Three. Analysis

The aim of any SWOT analysis is to identify the key internal and external factors that are important to achieving the objective. These come from within the company’s unique value chain. SWOT analysis groups key pieces of information into two main categories:

·Internal factors – The strengths and weaknesses internal to the organization.

·External factors – The opportunities and threats presented by the external environment to the organization.

The following will be based on the two parts to do a detailed analysis:

Internal — SWOT (SW)



-High-performance products

-Strong success in Europe

-Recent selling of subsidiary “dog” Salomon

-Complementary brand identities and market segments

-Shared R&D, patents, technology, and innovations

-American athletes endorsed by Adidas are not as popular as Nike’s

-Nike gaining ground on European soccer market

-Public dissent over use of sweatshops

-Values among management

-Complexity of joining corporate cultures


According to data analysis the following conclusions can be obtained, One of the important strengths is that Adidas-Salomon produces high-performance shoes. They have been able to attract hardcore athletes as customers due to efficiently made shoes ( Adidas recently announced that it will be selling its Salomon brand to Amer Sports Corporation for $624 million. This move will allow Adidas to rid itself of the recently slumping Salomon brand, which posted a 1 percent drop in revenue along with a 74 percent drop in operating profit in 2004. The sharp decrease in operating profit is due to recent restructuring that reduced French production of Salomon products from 55 to 35 percent with new production taking place in Romania and China. News of the sale spiked Adidas’ shares up 9.2 percent, reaching its highest point in six years, while Amer Sports shares gained 7.6 percent.


Adidas brand’s main weakness is that their current sales of athletic shoes, one-third of the U.S. market. Another weakness is the Adidas soccer shoes market in the recent decline. Nike soccer shoes to participate in the European market, and its success in the Air Zoom Total 90 first. The final weakness of Adidas, must be mentioned is their use of sweatshops. Allegations of inhumane conditions have Adidas factories in Asia in 2000. However, Adidas that they attempt to resolve the condition.

(ii) External —SWOT (OT)



-Acquisition of Reebok (Acquisition of Reebok reduction in costs as well as decreased competition)

-Growing revenue from opening of own retail stores

-Growing strength in golf industry through TaylorMade and recent acquisition of Maxfli

-Cross-over promotion by sponsored athletes

-Foreign exchange rates will result in loss of actual profits

-Nike’s possible acquisition of Puma


Adidas has huge opportunity in its horizon. Adidas acquired Reebok in a more opportunities should be allowed to enter the U.S. market, Reebok sports shoe industry is currently in second place. Another opportunity Adidas Solomon is likely to expand their brand TaylorMade. While Adidas is currently being sold to pay close to it in 1997 if the deal does not include half of TaylorMade golf brand Salomon brand. TaylorMade – Adidas Golf has a strong hold on the golf industry, is considered the top U.S. and European PGA Tour (Adidas driving position. TaylorMade holds 7.5 percent of the market share for golf balls and Adidas increased its opportunities in 2002 by acquiring golf-ball maker Maxfli from the Dunlop Slazenger Group. Finally, Adidas can expect to see revenue increases due to their newly implemented and recently successful own-retail activities. These include concept stores, factory outlets, Internet sales, and parts of Asian markets.


An important threat cannot be ignored for Adidas is that it sees a negative impact on its revenues due to the exchange rate differences between the Euro and the United States dollar. They are made ​​in Asia, in commercial transactions are conducted in most of the U.S. dollar. So, Adidas is forced back to the early production phase of the euro. Now, the Euro is being used in its national sales.

Industry — Porter’s 5 Forces

The basic analytical framework and market conditions

Michael Porter in his classic book “Competitive Strategy”, the proposed model of industry structure analysis, the so-called “five forces model”, he said: industry, the existing competitive situation, the bargaining power of suppliers, bargaining power of customers, the threat of substitute products or services, the threat of new entrants drive the 5 major competition to determine the profitability of the enterprise. Compare the effect of 5 kinds of forces, to analyze the competitive U.S. state of sports shoes.

 First, the existence of high barriers to entry fields. U.S. athletic footwear industry, from “do not plant,” the brand-based companies, large companies in advertising, product development and sales network, exports are more cost advantages. More importantly, the brand personality and consumer loyalty give potential entrants set an invisible barrier.

Secondly, the bargaining power of suppliers is weak. Because most of the athletic footwear industry, the inputs are homogeneous, especially in the Nike launched a wave of outsourcing, more than 90% of the production are concentrated in low-wage, labor-surplus countries far.

Third, end users care about sports shoes prices, while more sensitive to fashion trends, but for the company’s profit margins are not very negative impact. Because if there is reduction in profits, then it will reduce production in developing countries to make up. In addition, most brands with successful product differentiation can facilitate buyers in continuing to transform the brand with the brand image link.

Fourth, because the other shoes are not suitable for sports, so it’s not a complete alternative to athletic footwear.

Fifth, the U.S. athletic footwear market is seen as challenging and saturated, filled with fierce competition and slow growth, so for new entrants only a small space. Nike, Adidas and Reebok are the major brands which occupy more than half of the market share and remained relatively stable.


Through analysis we can see, on the one hand, this is a coveted market, but barriers to run up, have a lower supply of bargaining power, bargaining power of buyers of moderate and there is no alternative to well-known brands, hard to squeeze out of profits. On the other hand, when in addition to a high degree of market concentration, but there is no monopoly power, the region where the combat is very intense. Thus, in this competitive environment, the extraordinary profit independent company relies heavily on the sustainability of their strategies.

Adidas’s market position

Adidas marketing is one of the two core strategies. In 1997, Adidas announced the acquisition of Salomon, the formation of the world’s leading sporting goods company, the company has outstanding brand shares. The two companies’ co-ordinate in product and geographic complementation. Solomon was especially strong in North America and Japan, which Adidas increase market share in the U.S. helpful. They re-focus, re-positioning the brand Adidas to explore its full market potential, all the products into three specific customer groups: the eternal sports, unique, and equipment. This division in sports, physical education and sport lifestyle customer, creating an even stronger market penetration. Adidas always a celebrity spokesperson for the products, and sponsorship of sports leagues. Kobe Bryant, Anna. Kournikova and David Beckham are Adidas’s extraordinary genius. In the Barcelona Olympics, European Football Championship, France football World Cup, the U.S. women’s soccer World Cup, etc., Adidas is always one of the biggest sponsors.

In addition to marketing, research and development is another core strategy of Adidas. They established a new technical innovation team, at least put a big innovation. In 2003, Adidas established a “mass customization” system, according to the customer foot the different situation, personal preferences and requirements of design special shoes, the advantages of a leader in this area to Adidas in the first.

Part Four. Strategic options

Corporate strategy

Adidas’ mission statement testifies that “Adidas-Salomon strives to be the global leader in the sporting goods industry with sports brands built on a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle” (Adidas-Salomon). They are always seeking a higher quality and higher-valued product. Their main goals are to be highly recognizable on all parts of the globe and to continue to be a fast-growing, profitable company. Adidas also considers themselves customer focused. Every part of manufacturing and designing products is based on whether it will bring happiness to the customer.

According to numerous studies have shown that the main reason for the failure of a merger between the companies lack of cultural integration. In previous mergers, companies often ignore, rather than executing them, which often lead to the failure of their combination of cultural differences. Many managers and supervisors did not cross-cultural knowledge workers, so they need to be trained.

Acquisition of a large company like Reebok, Adidas disadvantage is that although changes in management and infrastructure, or a combination of the new learning culture difficulties in the new merged company, its competitors are running at full speed. However, it seems in the long run, Adidas and Reebok will be able to overcome these challenges and be able to compete more actively with Nike. One reason is that Adidas has recently acquired a large company experience.

Just seven years ago, Adidas acquired Salomon and became the second largest sporting goods manufacturer in the world, behind Nike and ahead of Reebok. This recent experience of acquiring a company will ease the difficulty of acquiring Reebok. The two acquisitions share many of the same difficulties. Adidas, a German based company, must deal with acquiring Reebok, a company that is based outside of its own country, in the United States. Similarly, Salomon is a French-based company, so many of the same complexities will arise with this new acquisition.

Part Five. Recommended Strategy

Development Strategy

From offensive to defensive , increase market competitiveness

Offensive strategy after the defensive.

Although Nike is currently leader in sporting goods in the global market, but as long as the opportunities for Adidas in developing countries and emerging market, develop strategies and market transformation the role of conversion, shake the Nike`s Dominance is possible.

Competitive Strategy

Strategic transformation of the supply chain

ADIDAS should using the cost control efforts to reduce costs. In the country which SALOMON distributors to sell products change to through the use of ADIDAS institutions in these countries, product sales, reducing costs and improving efficient. ADIDAS sales channels will rationalize and coordinate ADIDAS SALOMON their sales and distribution channels, with retailers using ADIDAS footwear products in the strong cooperation to promote the sale of SALOMON, such as SALOMON products in the skating industry’s sales. The TAYLOR MADE in the golf retail on the strength also helps ADIDAS clothing and footwear sales.

Product Strategy

Determine the ‘best product strategy

Strategic alliances, symbiotic marketing works

Improve product design and promotion, improve product attractiveness to customers, competitors compete for market share, taking the ‘best products’ market position.

Strategic alliances are not only designed to be reflected in the brand, but also from the spread of brand expression. The concept of value innovation, product and sales more effective

Part Six. Implementation

1, The product implementation localization

As a German sports brand Adidas in the U.S. market, it should put the shoes on the “Americanization.” Europeans like the product may not comply with the American appetite. Adidas recruitment and training should be those who truly understand and can predict the market, this dynamic talent. This is an inimitable resource. Then you can predict the results of these re-shape your market segment, so that one hand to meet the needs of American consumers, it also ensures you are in this market segment has unique advantages. Americans are more stressed the personal, so in terms of advertising, Adidas shaping its image should be a more personalized, but also to reduce the use of stars.

2, The consolidation of quality advantage to improve products

How do companies choose a strategic decision rely on it to go past the path. From this consideration, Adidas have long been renowned as a strict quality control system is known, this system guarantees the high quality of Adidas products, so this tradition should be maintained and encouraged. Also, the strategy to regain world dominance, driven by an attempt, Adidas should be designed to win the so-called “dynamic efficiency” (dynamic efficiency) of the new strategy. While Adidas has established a market he added, but they can also strengthen the “network effect” to move beyond Nike. For example, they can design a full range of sportswear, caps, scarves and handbags to shoes with their support.

 3, To play the patent advantage

 Nike and Adidas also be said that a “patent race” of the two rivals. Adidas, Nike should be able to estimate the R & D investment. In addition, concerned about the European home market, because the United States is a Adidas overseas markets, so the company should be personalized by putting more elements into its future product design in order to promote the product localization.

 4, Drawing on the ordering and distribution strategy of Nike

Nike’s future orders programs to help the company grow rapidly. Adidas retailers should be implemented in conjunction with its ordering system similar to imitate this improve the strategy, this can keep their inventory an optimal level. But Adidas must also recognize that the successful operation of this mechanism is based on many conditions, such as the accurate sales forecast, market strong demand and so on. In addition, compared with Nike and Adidas have not done enough in e-commerce success. To win this key battle, it is essential that Nike, Adidas must learn the professional e-commerce enterprises authorized to operate its online sales.


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Wk 3 – Apply: Project Metrics

Assignment Content
Now that you’ve identified the organization’s SWOT, you need to determine the project and its objectives and metrics. This project should be based on an unmet opportunity for the organization, or to minimize a potential threat. What does the organization need to do to advance its goals and/or expand its competitive advantage? How will you measure their progress?

Complete the following:
Explain why this opportunity/threat was selected, and how it is anticipated to benefit the organization.
Create at least 3 measurable project objectives based on your analyses. Determine timelines and responsibilities for each objective (e.g. with a RACI chart)
Explain why these objectives are appropriate for the project.
Develop at least 2 metrics to evaluate achievement of each of the project objectives. Provide a 1-page explanation for why these are appropriate metrics for each of the objectives.
Cite all sources following APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment.

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Presentation Policy Presentation

Policy Presentation
Congratulations, you are an entrepreneur! Welcome to the reality of running your own start-up. Applying all that you have learned in the past seven weeks, design organizational policies for your new company to sustainably support and leverage the talent of your employees within a competitive global market. Assume that you have 15-20 minutes to prepare your presentation for the Board of Directors.

As you develop the policies, be sure to include scholarly work to support the integration of the following:

sociological theories of work
the experiences and effects of policies on disenfranchised groups
the use of social networks
the effectiveness of previous/existing policies
the effect of technology and globalization
As you apply the sociological theories to entrepreneurship, consider the demographics of entrepreneurs. Be sure to address the rates of disenfranchised groups. Are their advantages or disadvantages to those who hold a minority status? What about women who are not minorities, yet often face challenges in the workplace? Leverage the resources that you posted in last week’s annotated bibliography.

Feel free to be creative in how you choose to deliver the presentation. It could be a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation using slide notes to include the script that accompanies the slides; compose a full script; develop notes for index cards; and other options as approved by your instructor

Required Text
Click url to play videos
TEDx Talks. (2012, December). Gayle Tzemach Lemmon: Women entrepreneurs, example not exception [Video file] Retrieved from:

Xiao, L., & Fan, M. (2014). Does social network always promote entrepreneurial intentions? An empirical study in China. Neural Computing & Applications, 24(1), 21-26. doi:10.1007/s00521-013-1492-x

Recommended References
Kim, P. H., & Aldrich, H. E. (2007). Small worlds, infinite possibilities? How social networks affect entrepreneurial team formation and search. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 1(1‐2), 147-165. Retrieved from

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Wal-Mart: Globalization Case Study

Wal-Mart: Globalization Case Study
To examine globalization, the focus is on the multinational corporation Walmart. After watching the videos and reading the resources, leverage scholarly resources and statistics in a 700- to 1000-word essay to do the following:

Analyze the effect of globalization on job quality and unemployment patterns.
Contrast different viewpoints on globalization (i.e. neoliberal, world systems) and their arguments for and against the role of NGOs.
Explain the effect of globalization on the US labor market and global labor policies.

Required References
Click url to play videos
Beautiful Mind. (2005, October 11). Wal-Mart: The high cost of low price [Video file]. New York, NY: Retail Project L.L.C. Retrieved fromWalmart The High Cost Of Low Price (Links to an external site.)Walmart The High Cost Of Low Price
Fadi-BNZE-HD. (2014, March 14). Full documentary no logo brands, globalization and resistance [Video file]. Retrieved from No Logo Brands, Globalization and Resistance (Links to an external site.)No Logo Brands, Globalization and Resistance
*Study guide,

Ford School. (2011, March 11). @fordschool – Paul Krugman: Reflections on Globalization: Yesteryear and today[Video file]. Retrieved from.@fordschool – Paul Krugman: Reflections on Globalization: Yesteryear and Today (Links to an external site.).@fordschool – Paul Krugman: Reflections on Globalization: Yesteryear and Today

PBS Newshour. (2014, August 20). ‘Factory Man’ explores human side of how globalization affects U.S. industry [Video file]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

Walmart. (n.d.). Community giving.

Recommended References
International Monetary Fund. (n.d.). Key issues: Globalization. Retrieved from

World Affairs Council: Nor Cal. (2006, October 6). Making globalization work Joseph Stiglitz [Video file]. Retrieved from (Links to an external site.)

Online Writing Lab (n.d.). Annotated bibliography samples. Retrieved from

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Using a Web browser and a search engine , search the terms “citiBank backup tapes lost” you will find many results

Using a Web browser and a search engine , search the terms “citiBank backup tapes lost” you will find many results . Select one article and identify what that article considers a short coming in CitiBank’s planning. what part of the contingency planning process came up short (IR, BP or CP) how could the shortcoming have been prevented?

Note : 2-3 APA citations within paragraphs

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