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Sara is in her last semester of nursing school. She works as a student nurse twice a week with the local hospice to fulfill her community health rotation course requirement. Hospice offers bereavement counseling to the family members of deceased patients. The hospice director asks Sara to prepare an educational lesson to present at the next bereavement group meeting.1. Sara plans to teach the bereavement group about the different kinds of grief. A gay man’s grief over the loss of his partner to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) signifies which type of grief?A. Normal griefB. Anticipatory griefC. Disenfranchised griefD. Ambiguous grief2. Sara further explores the concept of grief. Suicide is a risk for people who experience masked grief.A. TrueB. False3. Sara teaches the bereavement group Kübler-Ross’ five stages of dying. Rank them in order.A. BargainingB. DenialC. DepressionD. AcceptanceE. Anger4. Sara teaches the bereavement group the Grief Tasks Model by Worden. Rank in order the tasks of this grief theory.A. Emotionally relocate the deceased and move on with life.B. Experience the pain of grief.C. Accept the reality of the loss.D. Adjust to a world in which the deceased is missing.

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