The Critical essay


The Critical essay. A critical essay is a formal , expository essay. Use “ chapter 4 : essays” in canadian student guide to language literature and media (114-149) and a canadian writer’s reference or checkmate for help in defining the characteristics of a formal and expository essay. You are to write a critical essay, of at least five well- developed paragraphs, on one of the topics provide on the next page. Topic A: Death of a salesman is, in a sense , a play about fathers and sons. Identify the various fathers who appear or are mentioned in death of a salesman and discuss their relationship with their sons: what are the consequences to the sons of these relationships? If a relationship substantially changes be sure to briefly describe the incident that causes the change. Topic B: Death of a salesman uses several motifs to provide coherence, thereby developing corresponding themes within the play. Several of these motifs are: Honesty to oneself/ self knowledge. Dreams and goals. Reality and illusion. Commercialism. Success . Choose one of the motifs and explain how arthur miller has used it to develope a theme for the play.

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