How to Cite a Dissertation


to Cite a Dissertation

It is very important to make sure that you properly cite your dissertation due to a number of reasons. To begin with, it shows that you have extensively researched on a certain topic. Secondly, it is an effective technique of keeping plagiarism at bay. Moreover, if done correctly it boosts the validity of your paper. Unfortunately, majority of students do not really understand how to cite a dissertation and as a result of this they may end up submitting a paper that is full of plagiarism or whose validity can be questioned.  Before you begin citing your dissertation you are supposed to first confirm the specific referencing style that you ought to be using. Normally, dissertations from different fields of study are cited using different citation styles. For instance, a dissertation from the field of education is cited using APA while that from history is cited using Chicago referencing style. Our professional dissertation writers are well aware of various citation styles that are used in different academic disciplines.

Notably, some citation styles require one to use
the author date system. An example of such a dissertation citation style is
APA. Others, such as MLA uses author page number format. If you decide to use
Chicago citation style then you are supposed to use footnotes as well as
endnotes which correspond to the various numerical superscripts in the cited
text. We promise you that our writers perfectly understand how to cite a dissertation. This is therefore an assurance that we
can correctly cite your dissertation using any format system of your choice.

It is not always easy to know the specific type of
information that one is supposed to cite. As a matter of fact, students who do
not know how to cite a dissertation are
unable to differentiate between the information that they are expected to cite
and the one which they are not supposed to. To begin with, information that is common
knowledge should not be cited. Similarly, data that is derived from one’s
empirical study must not be cited. On the other hand, you should be sure to
cite: ideas derived from other sources, statistics obtained from other studies
and information that is not commonly known. We assure you that our professional dissertation writers are
perfectly aware of the aspects of your work that need citations. It is then
needless to say that your entire dissertation citing challenges will be no more
should you decide to place your order at our website.

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