How to write a conclusion for an assignment


Writing the
conclusion of an assignment is challenging particularly if you don’t know how
to go about it. A conclusion wraps up your work and gives a summary of what is
in the introduction and the body of your assignment. There are key several
strategies that one can adopt, to write a good conclusion.

First, do
not introduce new ideas in the conclusion or new evidence such as statistics.
Instead, give a general overview of your work. Re-state the main idea and the
main points. The topic sentence should comprise of the main idea or thesis. It
should be followed by supportive points that are already stated in the body of
your assignment.

Secondly, use
the introduction as a frame of reference to guide you in the conclusion. If
your introduction begins with there are several ways to establish a strong
brand in the market. The conclusion should summarize the different ways you can
use to establish a strong brand. Avoid using misused phrases at the beginning
of your conclusion paragraph. Don’t use, in conclusion, in summary, and as mentioned
in the essay.

Thirdly, you
can include a quotation that you came across during your research and connect
it with your assignment. A quotation will spice up your work. You can also leave
the readers with a call to action or a new insight into the area you were
covering. This leaves them with something to think about. An example of a call
to action is deforestation leads to climate change. It is up to you to conserve
the environment, for a better future.

Also, the
conclusion gives a sense of closure. You can end it by providing a solution to
a problem you had introduced earlier or questions that need further
examination. Do not state the main idea in the conclusion for the first time or
make emotional appeals that do not relate to your assignment.

Finally, include the implications and the importance of your essay paper. For example, if you are looking at the disadvantages of social media addiction on youths. Highlight why it is important to analyze these disadvantages and the implications in the future. Place the main idea in the larger context.

are vital in assignments, they not only give a sense of direction but also show
the instructor that you have accomplished what you had set out to do. Written
works without conclusions leave the reader lost wondering about the aim of the
content. Conclusions wrap your work by highlighting the main idea and the main

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