Homework 1: Process Flow Charts, Arena Modeling and Manual Simulation


IE477 Digital Simulation (Fall 2019)
Homework 1: Process Flow Charts, Arena Modeling and Manual Simulation
(20 points. Due date: Fri. 9/20 – in class)
1. Process Flow Chart – draw a flow chart of the following manufacturing shop
Parts arrive follow an exponential distribution with a mean of 4 min, i.e., EXPO(4). The shop
operates from 8am to 4pm daily. There are three types of processes:
Two identical machines are capable of all these processes and they share one waiting line.
2. Arena
(a) Build and run an Arena model. Run the model five times, i.e., 5 replications in Run
Control. Provide all five sets of results (TIS, NIS, TIQ, NIQ and machine utilization) and discuss
the differences you see in the results in light of random number generation in simulation. Use the
average of these runs to draw your conclusion. Use the following format to report the results of
five replications.
(b) For the same shop above, suppose now parts will now arrive following EXPO(1.6) min,
can the two machines handle the increased parts without excessive waiting? If not, how many
machines in total would the shop need now to process the increased parts with a similar level of
machine utilization? You will need to change the model and re-run the simulation. Again, make
five runs and use the averages for your conclusion. Also use the above format to report all results
of this new system.
3. Manual simulation. In this exercise, you are asked to perform a manual simulation of a Bank
Teller System with one teller and six customers coming in for service and wait in a single queue.
The Time of Arrival (Minutes) and Service Time (Minutes) of the customers are given below.
Do the manually simulation of this system for 15 minutes.
(1) Generate a simulation record in a tabular format below that includes Type of event (Arrival or
Depart), Time of event, Teller Status (No. of Teller Busy), No. in System (NIS) and No. in
Queue (NIQ) mynursing homeworks
(2) Provide two time plots, one for Number in System and the other for Teller Status.
(3) Provide the statistics calculated from simulation results, including Avg. NIS, Avg. NIQ, Avg.
TIS, Avg. NIS, and Teller Utilization.

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