How to write a discussion paper


How to write a discussion paper

Writing a discussion paper may seem simple but it can be complex particularly if you are not certain about how to go about it. A discussion paper is an essay that discusses and analyzes a topic. It entails opinions, ideas, and evidence both from the writer and other sources. It also looks at the advantages and disadvantages of these points of view. Several processes are followed when preparing a discussion paper or discussion board forum post.

Choose a topic

The first thing that a writer should do is to choose a topic. Choose a topic that is interesting to you and the readers. You can do a little survey to understand what the target audience likes. After choosing a topic, gather materials that contain information related to it. Make sure the sources are reliable.

Make an outline

Logically plan your work to ensure the flow of thoughts. Separate your points using numbers or letters. Planning your work helps you understand how to organize your ideas and ensures the coherence of your work. It also helps detect errors in the organization of your work and rectify them before they happen.

Write the Introduction

After you are done planning your work. Begin with the introduction. Make it catchy and interesting to hook the readers. You can begin with an opinion or a personal or intriguing story. Mention your thesis statement in the introduction. Provide a background of your topic and its relevance. You can also explain the keywords you used in the body of the discussion paper that the readers may not understand.

Write the Body

The body of the paper should contain ideas and opinions about your topic. Include information that supports these opinions. You can arrange the information in different formats. You can decide to mention ideas from idea to idea followed by its pros and cons or you can group ideas based on certain similarities and analyze them. You can also begin by stating your ideas and backing them up with ideas from others. Explain each idea beginning with the weakest point to the strongest. Make your work interesting to keep your readers glued to the end.


The conclusion is as important as the introduction. It gives a brief overview of your work. Highlight the main ideas, together with their advantages and their disadvantages in the conclusion. Also, include the relevance of your discussion.


After you are done with your work. Proofread to ensure the coherence of the flow of thoughts, and erase any grammatical and punctuation errors. Make sure that you have followed all the instructions given by your instructor. Hand in the paper when you are certain that it does not have any mistakes.

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