When I first heard that Bush was making a remix album I was not too excited. Who would want an album with the same old Bush songs with a disco beat in the background? Then for my birthday I received “Deconstructed.” I could not have been more wrong about the album.

When I put the album into my stereo, the first song “Everything Zen” came blasting on. Because this is one of my favorite Bush songs I thought I could sing right along, but it did not sound like the original. I was shocked: it was not the same song put to a disco beat. Bush, with the help of several dance mix artists, had completely rewritten the songs. The next song was “Mouth.” This is probably the most familiar song on the album because it is on the soundtrack “An American Werewolf in Paris.”

The album contains several familiar Bush songs but in a new light.

These include “Swallowed,” “Bonedriven,” “Insect Kin,” and “Comedown,” but each song has a different beat, because they were all mixed by some of today’s leading underground electronica artists. Some of the artists who helped are Goldie, Tricky, Jack Dangers, Lunatic Calm, Derek Delarge, and Philip Steir.

This is Bush’s third album and it is definitely worth buying. It combines songs from 1994’s “Sixteen Stone” and 1996’s “RazorBlade Suitcase” and remixes them all. “Deconstructed” is a great piece of work from the boys of Bush. I would recommend this album to any Bush fan or anyone who is into good dance music. .

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