Matchbox 20


Matchbox 20’s enthusiasm over performing in front of a packed house in Boston was clear on that November night. Despite the first snowfall of the season and the harshly cold weather, fans from all parts of New England crowded into the Orpheum for this zestful performance.

Matchbox 20 is comprised of some very talented musicians. Guitarists Kyle Cook and Adam Gaynor made an exceptional and flawless performance. Lead singer Rob Thomas’ forceful voice and exceptional song-writing skills were equally impressive. In general, the stage show was vibrant and well-paced. However, at points the lighting was so bright I wished I had brought sunglasses. Nevertheless, their performance was well received, and they kept the crowd eager for more.

Leaving few displeased, Matchbox 20 played some well-known songs from their latest album, “Yourself or Someone Like Yourself.” They kept the crowd singing with their most popular “Push,” which is currently played on many radio stations, as well as music countdowns.

Other well-known songs that went over big were “3 A.M.” and their first hit single “Long Day.”

The opening band featured the talented lead singer Lili Hayden, who played the violin in a very original way. Their music creates a strange and intriguing new sound by combining classical violin with regular rock instruments. This band was well received by the audience and may soon become a success in the music world.

The exciting performances of these two bands left nothing to be desired. This will not be the last time we hear of Matchbox 20. They’re well on their way to becoming even more popular as they continue to produce more and more hit songs. With Boston as the last stop of their long tour, we were delighted to see them perform and hope they continue making hit music in the future. .

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