American Civil War


American Civil War Description 1. First, you will write an essay in answer to the following question, with the specified length: Discuss and analyze the relative importance of four of the following factors in causing the American Civil War, providing specific historical examples to make your case. Discuss the four in order of importance, from most important to least important. (A) Economic Differences between North and South, (B) Slavery, C) State Rights and Constitutional factors, (D) National expansion, (E) cultural or religious factors, (F) changes to political parties. 25% of Final exam grade Your essay should consist of four paragraphs of six to eight sentences per paragraph. Because the question is distributed in advance, greater specificity and detail will be expected than if this fact was not the case. Make sure to provide a minimum of quotations, no more than one or two for the entire essay, and make them very brief. Any essays containing even one or two selected passages that are mostly or completely copied from another source will receive a “0” for plagiarism.

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