10 on-campus jobs to boost your resume


With the
constant increase of graduates joining the market and unemployment ballooning
in various parts of the world. There is a need to not only work hard for
stellar grades but also go an extra mile to shape up your resume. Below are 10
on-campus jobs students can engage in to attract potential employers in future.

Brand ambassador

companies look for part-time brand ambassadors to promote their products. The
ambassadors handle tasks such as putting on fabric branded with the company
logo and posting products on their online pages. Ambassadorial jobs will not
only sharpen your sales and marketing skills but also enhance your
interpersonal skills as you interact with customers.

Social media coordinator

Students can
also approach the school administration and companies for social media
coordinator jobs. The job entails managing social media platforms such as
Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. This will increase their skills in digital
management and expose them to advanced and new technology.


not only exposes you to a wide range of experiences but also shows an
individual’s willingness to help society. You can start writing for the campus
magazine. It will improve your interviewing and writing skills. You don’t have
to be a journalism student to write for a magazine.

Start a business.  

students have a couple of ideas on a business they would love to start. Choose
one and work on it. Apart from learning simple business practices such as filing
tax returns. It will also grow your entrepreneurship skills. Most successful
entrepreneurs started doing business when they were very young. You can start a
printing shop and do photocopies and printing on campus or start a small shop
where you can sell snacks and drinks.

Join a student’s union

Becoming a
student leader on campus prepares you for management roles in the job market.
It also shows potential employers of your ability to take matters into your own
hands rather than sit and wait for things to change. Contest for a leadership
role and make sure you include it in your CV. Highlight what you learned during
that period.

Lead a club

Leading a
club not only increases your self-confidence but also your problem-solving
skills. Clubs create a platform where students can discuss pressing issues
about the relevant subject. It also gives students practical experience. For
instance, a journalism club prepares students for future journalistic roles.

Look for placement

and organizations also give students placement opportunities where they can
experience the daily operations of a company. Students should take advantage of
these placements. Approach a company during a long holiday and request for placement.
This will help you network with people who are already working in your field of
specialization and get knowledge and first-hand experience on how the industry


You can also
start a blog and create content on the blog site. This will sharpen your
writing skills and can probably become a career in the future. It also shows a
potential employer what subjects and topics you are is interested in.

Private gym instructor

Students who
are conversant with physical exercises to keep the body healthy can also work
in a private gym. This is crucial as it will help the society keep fit and the
student will earn some money out of it. Exercising will also boost your moods
and increase concentration in class.

Career coach                            

Students can
also work as career coaches. Guiding new students on the criteria to use when
choosing courses to undertake. This will enlighten students enrolling for new
courses on the best course to take based on their interests and passions.

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