“Writing a Journal Review” and “Writing Summaries.”


Look at these headlines about problems associated with food and food products. This week’s topic is Nutrition Controversies. The issues can involve food misinformation, food hazards/risks/toxicity, hunger or lack of nutrition, organic vs GMOs, obesity, fad diets, etc.
1nutrition controversies image.png

Your assignment is to research and review one article or report on the specified topic or issue related to Biology indicated. Additional information on writing a journal (or newspaper) review or summary can be found in the attachments to these instructions (Journal Review[1].docx and WRITING A SUMMARY[1].docx). Your report should be organized as follows:

Title of the article or report pertaining to the specific topic for the week
Author of article
Source of article or report: including the name of periodical, newspaper, or other media resource. Include the edition/number for periodicals and “URL” for online resources. “Wikipedia,” other encyclopedias, textbooks, and abstracts of articles are not approved sources. (The source must be valid, as I will check the source).
Date of article (this is absolutely required)
“Your summary” in “your own” 200 words or less discussing and/or explaining what the article is about.
Make sure you read the attached files on “Writing a Journal Review” and “Writing Summaries.”
The summary should not express your personal views about the topic or author but should provide an objective summary of the facts presented in the article; therefore, do not use first person (i.e., I, me or we) in your summary. In this summary you are to
discuss (consider as many important elements related to the issue as you can)
explain (tell about something that is complex in a way that makes it clear)
Since the summary should be “in your own words,” avoid directly quoting material from the article, unless absolutely necessary to characterize what the article is about. Also, be mindful of plagiarism.

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