The Department of Force Management (DFM)


Conditions: Acting as a Senior Leader, a member of a problem-solving team or individually, in a classroom small group setting using references, practical exercises, class discussions, and personal experiences based on the contemporary operational environment. Standard: Discussion includes: 1. DFM curriculum, requirements, and assessments. Learning Domain: Cognitive Level of Learning: Comprehension Instruction: Post a substantial initial response, with at least 2 cited sources and a minimum of 250 words, to the topic below. Identify references following the post using APA format. Additionally, respond to at least 2 posts of your classmates, with at least 1 cited source each and a minimum of 150 words per response, for full participation credit. See Form 1009C-DL for specific requirements. DB Topic of Discussion: Force Management in a Multi-Domain Environment. Read the article, Multi-Domain Battle: Joint Combined Arms Concept for the 21st Century, by General Perkins at the following link: then respond to the following question. What role does force management play in the Army Operating Concept, and how do topics covered in this module apply to Multi-Domain Battle?

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