The Book “Picking Cotton


Part I –Please analyze at least 3 ways Ronald Cotton was stereotyped in this story. How did Thompson as a white female college student strengthen and/or weaken Cotton’s criminal profile? Was he subject to stereotyping based on race alone or were there other factors involved such as gender and/or socio-economic class? Part II – Please choose at least 3 items on the list above to discuss ways you may have been stereotyped in your life. How are these profiles of you correct or incorrect? How are you “seen” and how do you want to be “seen”? What strategies do you employ to ensure that people judge you by “the content of your character” and not by any other factors? Please specify at least three specific examples. Part III – Please describe someone in your life who is often stereotyped by 3 of the items above and imagine yourself in his/her shoes for a day. Interview him/her and ask them what it feels like to be profiled in ways you may not have any experience. How does your friend/family member cope with stereotyping? How does he/she often get stereotyped, and how does he/she manage it? Essay Specifications: Please quote from Picking Cotton at least 3 times Please quote from two of the online resources listed on the handout available in Blackboard Please quote from Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech at least once Interview your friend/family member and quote from him/her at least once The essay must be written in MLA format with 4-5 full pages of text

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