Streetcar Named Desire


A streetcar named desire is a heartbreaking story about balance Dubos. Blank chew is a woman In her ass.

She was a highchairs lady who’s class is now fading and is her beauty. She tries to hide from artificial light as much as she can. You SE light in the stage direction. You also see music in the stage direction. Music is very important because it describes the mood. Light and music in Streetcar named desire assembles it to be more dramatic while adding depth to the characters.You see in the very beginning of the play how the stage direction says she must avoid Light.

“Her delicate beauty must avoid a strong Light”(Tennessee William 5). She must avoid the light because it shows her real age. She tells everyone she is in her late ass. She really is in her ass. She is always seem trying to stay high class.

So because of that she tried her hardest to avoid artificial light. Light also shows a very mysterious and dark side about her.

In scene 3 there are men playing poker, and Balance goes up near the window and starts removing her clothes in a streak of light. “she takes off the blouse and stands in her pink silk brasserie and white skirt in the light through the portières”( Tennessee Williams). There is nothing normal about what she is doing. It is mysterious because she is a high class person. Later in the play you also learn that see would sleep with men for money.

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