Significant question in Emergency management


This serves as an initial project starting point and a means of clarifying project goals and objectives.
Policy analysis research paper on a significant question in Emergency management.
(1) a short project description,…Is there a tool that can combine many of the programs for emergency response. Can WebEOC help this and how it can benefit each state? Can it replace other programs? Is it cost effective vs others? Given all the programs and processes that are in place such as, Joint information Exchange environment (JIEE) and Domestic All-Hazards Response Team (DART), will WebEOC be able to combine both and allow more efficient process for state emergency operations centers?
(2) a statement of the major goal of the project (including how it might serve a client’s needs, if applicable),…can it combine multiple platforms into one for a smoother operation?
(3) how the project relates to professional development goals, such as understanding that there are too many programs in place to do the same and being able to help make the state run more effective during emergency responses while also requesting outside aid. This is to see the bigger picture of how operations work.

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