Research Methods in Criminal Justice


Research Methods in Criminal Justice
(Assignment # 2)

This paper entails answers regards to Assignment 2 questions on research methods in criminal justice. To be specific they the answers relate to the judgment made regards to the criminal justice scenario of testing the impact of violent and aggressive video games on criminal behavior.
a) The hypothesis tested by the criminal justice researcher is criminality behavior contribution by violent and aggressive video games.
b) Independent variable is defined as the manipulated treatment or the program, which according to the study the video game playing is the independent variable. The dependent variable, on the other hand, refers to the presumed subject to be influenced by the independent variable (“Social Research Variables”, 2017).
c) The researcher made the random assigning of children to one of two groups in order to avoid the possibilities of selecting individuals who are already friends and bound to a certain character. With random choosing, it creates a high possibility of selecting individuals with a total difference of characters which facilitates the correct study of outcome. This act can, therefore, be said to have accomplished proper selection of participants who are not closely bonded by their behavior.
d) The possible limitations on attaining results from parents; could be the fact that they are lenient on their children, which leads to falsifying observation in protecting their name. Limitations on teachers could be the exaggerated information or rather incorrect data due to the personal conflict that may have arisen between the teacher and the students. Lastly but not least, the student themselves may cause the wrong summary of data, from the fact that some take long periods to be manipulated by the independent variable while others take short.
e) One of the practical issue to be encountered by the researcher is quarrels among students during the gaming session. The quarrels will mostly be sourced by the order of playing and losing the game. Basically, kids are not self -disciplined hence greediness to play will often lead to quarrels and when some lose the game create grudges. Another practical issue could be guardian quarrels with the researcher if the programs affect the children’s behavior negatively. Lastly, another practical quarrel could arise in the demand for more time in playing the game by the students.
f) The two main ethical issues that should be addressed by the researcher is brutality and corruption. Brutality is likely to surface in handling kids, who are unwilling to adhere to the routine provided in the process bearing the fact that there are no ties between the researcher and the students. Corruption, on the other hand, may surface on two occasions; by the students or personal view. Students may come bearing gifts for the instructors with an aim leniency in extra hours of playing the games which may affect the timed schedule for the research. A personal view, on the other hand, causes emotional attachments with the kids which interfere with the recordings when the researcher activates leniency on criminally influenced changes on students.
g) The internal issues that the study will encounter includes; the kid’s maturity, the history of the kids, the category of the video games, kids selection bias, the mortality of the experiment and the interaction of the kid’s selection-maturation. On the other hand, the external issues for this case include; the testing effects on the kids, bias selection, and interference of multiple treatment of students. (“Criminology and Criminal Justice Research: Methods – Threats to Validity”, 2017).
h) In the assumption that the study confirms boy of the age 12 who conducted gaming with violence are violent than those without can also as well be reflected on girls with the same specifications of age. This comes from the fact that both gender maturity is at the low stage, and whatever given is absorbed, therefore if boys behavior manipulated by the violence in the game, the same case will apply to girls.
i) Theoretically, it can be stated that the playing of violent games will highly influence criminal behavior since the mind is young absorbing violence aspect and as they grow it grows with them. In addition, video games are known to be addictive which ends up becoming a habit, therefore, in the long run, there is a high possibility that the addicted violent gaming student will have violence as a character defining them.
j) The first reason as to why the researcher conducts the investigation within a month’s period is to assess the rate at which the gaming has an effect on the behavior of the students. Secondly is to closely monitor the impact of the gaming for the prevention of causing a permanent change if at all it exists and is irreplaceable.
k) One of the relating theory that could possibly explain the scenario of students playing the violent game turning out to be violent, is the manipulation theory. Manipulation theory illustrates the behavior control advocated by existing factors that are interacted with. The existing factor, in this case, is the constant play of violent and aggressive games which controls students’ behavior by becoming violent.

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