Psychology in Meditation : Reflective Writing


Part 1: Description of Meditation Times and Setting The first part of your paper should include the following information: 1. Any 5 Dates you tried meditation (02/19-03/04/18) 2. Length of time you tried meditation each day 3. Time of day you tried meditation 4. Description of setting where you tried meditation Part 2: Reflection on Your Attempt at Meditation As part of this section, you should include the following: 1. Any challenges you experienced in learning to meditate 2. What you learned about yourself during this time Part 3: Relate Your Experience Back to Text Content 1. What are the benefits of meditation? 2. How does meditation relate to brain functioning and consciousness? 3. You must cite “Psychology in Your Life” in this section of the assignment and one other resource you used. This can be a website. 4. Do you believe you experienced any benefits from meditation? Why or why not? Other Guidelines for Assignment 1. Should be written in third person. Do not use personal pronouns (i.e.,I, we, our) or impersonal you (i.e., you or your). However, you may use personal pronouns for this assignment. *Keep it simple *One source should be attachment “Psychology in Your Life”

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