Part A: Written Report – Part B: Presentation Project Plan


Assessment Task 2: Team Project Plan
Assessment Details
Due Date Part A: Written Report – Week 11: Sunday 23:55 [11.55pm]
Part B: Presentation – Week 12: during course tutorial time
(Teams are scheduled throughout the session.)
Weight Written report-30%+Presentation-10% = 40% of final grade
Length 2,500 words (minimum) not including diagrams, tables, or appendices.
Part A: Written Report
In a team consisting of no more than 4 students, choose a ‘Business Case’ and prepare a Project Plan of a firm.
For students at Mt Helen and partner locations in Australia, you need to select a firm that is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). For students at international partners you are to select a firm listed on the main stock exchange in your country. Listed firms give students far greater access to data—for example, they are required to publish Annual Reports.
The Project Plan must include:
front title sheet
executive summary table of contents
project overview/business request/introduction
scope statement
work breakdown structure (WBS)
preliminary schedule including assigned resources (Gantt chart) project network diagram risk management plan summary budget
Bibliography/Reference List
PM Team Contract
PM Meeting Notes
Identify key milestones and deliverables, and prepare the first status report for the project. The team will present a summary of the selected business case, project plan and status report to the class. The group activity will be marked both on content and delivery.
Part B: Presentation
The presentation will be a verbal report delivered by each team to the class group. It provides an opportunity for each team to communicate the project findings and outcomes to other members of the student group. It is expected that each team will reflect on their learning from the project and discuss the use of relevant theory from the course material, as well as reporting on project outcomes.
The presentation should serve as a verbal summary of the written report. The presentation should last for 20 minutes (including question time).
Criteria used to grade the task
See attached marking guide for detailed mark allocation.
Task Assessor
Suggested time to devote to this task
Approximately 22 hours per student outside of class time
Submission details
Report is due at the end of week 11 (Sunday 11:55 pm). Submission will be online via Moodle
Presentation due week 12 during tutorial time.
Feedback and return of work
Feedback and grades will be communicated via Moodle within two weeks of report submission

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