Nursing Capstone literature review


Scholarly inquiry = peer-reviewed articles and reviews of official websites like CDC, WHO, ADA, AAFP, etc… FIVE ARTICLES. You want to ONLY search for peer-reviewed articles published from 2014 to the present (nothing older than 2014). Record the KEYWORDS you used to search the following databases: CINAHL, Cochrane, PubMed, & Medline (this is not an exhaustive list, but you MUST include these databases in your search). PICOT Population (P): Opioid addiction in adults living with chronic low back pain Intervention (I): Patient education and signing care contract with patients that include opioids and adjunctive therapies Comparison (C): Educated patients and non-educated patients. Outcome (O): Adherence to treatment plan with opioid and adjunctive therapies. Time (T): In 10 weeks. PICOT Question In opioid addicted patients with chronic low back pain, can education on opioid and adjunctive therapies improve adherence?

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