Normal Distribution Assignment


Chapter Exercise 9-80 At Ajax Spring Water, a half-litre bottle of soft drink is supposed to contain a mean of 513 ml. The fillingprocess follows a normal distribution with a known process standard deviation of 9 ml. (3) The normal distribution should be used for the sample mean because (You may select more than one answer.
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Click the box with a checkmark for the correct answer and click to empty the box for the wrong answer.) the sample population has a large mean.the population distribution is known to be normal. the population standard deviation is known. the standard deviation is very small. (b) Set up hypotheses and a two-tailed decision rule for the correct mean using the 5 percent level ofsignificance. The hypothesis for a two-tailed decision is a. Hg: u¢513, H1:,u = 513, reject ifz < -1.96 orz > 1.96b. H0: ,u¢513, H1: ,u = 513. reject if > 1.96 or < -1.96c. H0: ,u= 513, H1: ,u# 513, reject ifz> 1.96 orz< -1.96d. H0: ,u =513, H1: p¢ 513, reject if > -1.96 orz < 1.96 if) C) C) C)D. n U n: (c) If a sample of 16 bottles shows a mean fill of 517 ml, does this contradict the hypothesis that the truemean is 513 ml?’A No Ak Yes
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