My Super Hero


My Superhero September 2, 2013 Introduction I thought I’d start out with heroes. We all have leaders. Leaders are those that we respect the most and want to be like. None of these leaders – the ones you know or the ones you don’t know yet – are perfect, and if they were, I doubt if I would want to emulate them. They are Just leaders who followed the facts to where the facts led them, and when they found themselves in some odd place, coming to some even odder conclusions, these leaders didn’t back down. Leader I admire Everyone has their own admired leader. And for me, that leader is a very famous aperture – Superman.

This is simply because he is too much of a hero not to admire. First, his background is really extraordinary. Born into a family that lived on a farm, Superman had to disguise his talents. Ata young age, he took an interest in many things, but could not par take due to his super power strength and so he began controlling it.

He was also such an intelligent student that there were times were he had to be average so not to give up his identity in anyway. However, he decided to leave after high school and become a reporter to be closer to any crisis that may be accruing. But that is nothing compared with his life saving actions.

He is the one who created a turning-point for good versus evil. When there was trouble you can count on him to be there. There was nothing that en would not do tort the people to earth. He was someone that people could look up to. An icon for those that had no hope and needed a saver, he was there. When most of other famous superheroes usually have messy lives, superman did not. His personal life was a happy and peaceful one. Evaluation of my leadership style When doing my evaluation I tend to accept input from one or more group embers when making decisions and solving problems, but I do retain the final say when choices are made.

Group members tend to be encouraged and motivated by my style of leadership. My style of leadership often leads to more effective and accurate decisions, since I cannot be an expert in all areas. Input from group members with specialized knowledge and expertise creates a more complete basis for decision-making. My plan to improve To improve I will continue to boost morale and boosts retention. When boosting morale I will continue to recognize their efforts. Of course this is not as effective in titivating people as involving them in important decisions.

I will also look for those that can serve my organization at a later date. I enjoy encouraging active involvement on the part of everyone on the team. When boosting retention I will encourage employees to give their opinions on company issues, getting a variety of solutions to choose from. Empowering employees to be creative would develop more productive work and make the company more efficient. By allowing employees to be active in the growth of the company will encourage them to stay with the company. This will improve employee retention and cut down on the costs of turnover.

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