Means More to Me


Is there one place on earth that means more to me than all others? There’s nothing better than Waking up In the morning with the cool breeze blowing upon my face, the warm sunshine and the breathtaking view of the sea that seems to go beyond infinity. Breakfast Is served, the day starts with the usual sounds of teaspoon hitting the porcelain cups as everybody stirs their hot coffee (or milk) and the cheerful discussion of the children sharing their dreams last night and what they plan to do for the day. After breakfast, we go outside and play with the sand, bulging sand structures and smashing them – not worried about life.

It was fun. This Is home – 20 years ago. Since I started college, most of the time I was not at home. I have been sent to a university at another city 3 hours away from our hometown. Slowly I have been molded to become an independent person, meeting strangers and acquaintances with different values and principles in life.

People with different attitudes and personalities tend to influence me to either paths. But yet, the values my parents instilled in me still holds on.

It will be my guiding light in the dark and my compass when I seem lost.Home is the first school I attended to, with my parents as my first searchers, and my siblings as my first classmates. The values they teach us will be our foundation where we will build our success from. Fast forward today. Here I am, in an office at a big metropolis, far from home, living this now-complicated life. No more sand structures, cool breeze and warm sunshine along the beach. My memories flashback to the times we were still kids.

Waking up in the morning is so relaxing and comforting as we’re looking forward for a fun and exciting day ahead. I treasure everything at home – the place that means more to me than any place on earth.

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