In the Blink of an Eye


Within a merely a few seconds not much could happen. You may blink or turn your head, but also, within those few seconds, someone’s life could abruptly end. Not many people realize how short and precious our lives are on this earth; people often disregard death because they do not want to think about the inevitable. I had been one of these people until about five years ago, when a man in his late forties had his life taken away from him. His name, to me, was Uncle Mangold, although he had really only been a close family friend.
Uncle Mangold was the kind of man that everybody loved after having just one conversation with him. He loved to sing with his family and friends and I will never forget dancing around the room with him and feeling elated. He had a joy in him that people loved, and he never had anything bad to say about anyone.

This joy that he had came from his faith, he had become a strong Christian man throughout years of fighting and heartbreak. He had been a great example for everyone around him.
One day, it had only been drizzling as Uncle Mangold was driving home. Turning a corner, his car hydroplaned and flipped over multiple times. He and his friend, who had been sitting in the front seat, were able to crawl out of the car with the help of some witnesses of the crash, and just a few minutes later, the car exploded leaving Uncle Mangold severely injured. Days went by, and his friends and family went to visit him, but I did not. I had been afraid to see him in so much pain, so I decided to wait until he had recovered a little. Just a few days later that week Uncle Mangold passed away from the intense surgeries he had undergone, and internal bleeding from the crash.
My heart was broken, and although I can never truly forgive myself for not going to see him one last time, I took so much away from that experience. I realized that life is too short to wait, or worry about the little details. If we love someone, we should let them know before it is too late, we should live every day like it is our last, and we should leave this earth with no regrets. Uncle Mangold taught me how to serve the Lord and live my life for Him and how to love people unconditionally. He opened my eyes to the fact that although we may not be friends with everyone, hating them will not get us anywhere in life. Disliking people takes joy out of you, and Uncle Mangold taught me that in order to have joy you must love with all of your heart and never take life for granted. Uncle Mangold was and forever will be my hero and the perfect example for life.

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