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Andrew Hozier-Byrne, usually known simply as Hozier, is an alternative/indie Irish singer who rose to stardom after the release of his debut single in 2013. “Take Me to Church” topped the charts in Europe for weeks and was ranked second in the U.S. for three consecutive weeks. “Take Me Church” could frequently be heard on multiple stations at once, and rightly so for its grand piano chords, resonating chorus, and fascinating and controversial lyrics protesting many religions’ fierce condemnation of homosexuality and other ways of life that are deemed “unorthodox” or “sinful.” However, most of Hozier’s songs also featuring his clear voice and intriguingly poetic lyrics remain unknown.

“Hozier” features many treasures. “Someone New” begins slow and relaxed but soon picks up to feature a cheerful chorus, gospel-like voices harmonizing in the background, soft electric guitars, and drums. The lyrics are touching: “falling in love just a little, oh, little bit/every day with someone new.

” This concept of love being available in small ways to strangers and new friends instead of only reserved for those most dear to us is wonderful. It is something this world – with its wars and corrupt politics, with its growing belief that everyone is in it only for themselves – desperately needs.

“Angel of Small Death and the Codeine Scene” picks up an edgier tone with lots of electric guitar chords, clapping, and tambourines, a sound the listener can hardly help but snap their fingers or at least tap their foot to.

One of Hozier’s best pieces, though, and my personal favorite, is “Work Song.” His range, the deep emotion in his voice, the sad chorus, and the steady drums are all sobering. It is a love song about how not even death, sin, and sickness can end love.

Though Hozier’s greatest hits may still remain veiled from the general public’s ears, his meaningful poetry, clear voice, and soft rock/indie instruments and melodies have earned their place in the music scene.

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