College Essay


There’s nothing like the rush I get when I go onto the football field and stand in front of hundreds of people. I’m right in front, in plain view for everyone to see me. I stand up straight and tall with an oversized flag in my hand. I’m a performer. I look around and notice all of my color guard members staring at me. They wait for me to make my first move when the music starts. Horns, flutes, clarinets, and drums blare their music towards the audience and I instantly begin to twirl my flag. I carefully move with the beats of the drums and perform my routine that I spent countless weeks rehearsing before the show. I throw my flag up in the air and nail a triple toss; a move that takes years to perfect. My fellow guard members are still watching me and copying all of my rhythmic motions up until the end of the show.

When the music stops and my routine comes to an end I get the same rush I feel when I first walk onto the field. The countless hours of practicing, rehearsing, and dedication I put into a five minute routine pays off in the end.

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