Research Project Outline
A term project is required for this course to provide/improve the experience and training of the Canada and Global Economic Issues based on microeconomics, macroeconomics, environmental economics, income inequality and poverty, development and growth, and history and political economics backgrounds and languages.
The project should be no more than 2000 words(approximately 7 pages double spaced), excluding the title, summary, and bibliography pages and figure and tables.
Subjects for the paper:
The project’s subjects could be any topic that is related to the issues in the Canada and global economics issues focused on either empirical analyses or case studies. An example of empirical analysis could be a statistical analysis for the relationship between variables such as national income, savings, population and/or exports/imports for an economy with the following regression model:
yt 1x1t 2x2t …nxnteit/.
For applying this model, you do need to have some econometrics backgrounds. You can run SPSS, SAS, and/or STATA program for this model.
If you do not have statistics or econometrics backgrounds, you can conduct a simple case study.
The Case Study could be non-technical data analyses. For example, you can simply investigate the movement of national income, savings, population and/or exports/imports for an economy with Excel program.

Format of the Project:
First Page:
Title: The title of your project must be shown with the course code CECN 603 Author or Authors: (Names and IDs)
Submission Date
Second Page:
Brief summary of your project (from the beginning to the end)
The main writing will be starting from the third page.
In the main writing, the following issues must be addressed clearly.
1. Research Objectives and Introduction
2. Data analysis:
• why these data set selected
• some descriptive statistical analyses
3. Model building: setting regression, hypotheses, test statistic, decision rules etc.
4. Conclusion of the statistical model.
5. Conclusion of your research.
The appendix:
It should contain statistical outputs and a copy of your data.
Please note that students should show no more than 2000 words (approximately 7 pages double spaced) of writing, excluding the bibliography, figure and tables.
How the Paper Graded?
Your paper will be graded based upon the following factors: substance, presentation, accuracy, grammar and clarity. A demonstration of effort is the driving force of this paper. The paper will be compared to discern levels of effort and excellence.

CECN 603 Term Paper Topics:
These are lists of the topics. Please choose ONE from here by yourself.
1. How does supply and demand affect prices in the market?
2. How has the recession affected the food industry?
3. The effects of different market structures on supply
4. How is the labor market affected by labor unions?
5. How does consumer purchase affect pricing?
6. Explain how advertising affects what a consumer will pay for a product.
7. How can creativity lead to a company’s success?
8. Pros and cons of privatized health care
9. How do health care costs affect taxes?
10. Immigration And Labour Migration: Impacts On Regional Economies
11. Economic Impacts Resulting From Global Warming
12. The Economic Opportunities Arising From Climate Change
13. Poverty, income and wealth distribution: Are our resources scarce in relation to our needs?
14. Is environmental pollution a failure of “Market”?
15. The impact of government spending on economic growth

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