Between The Buried and Me by Between the Buried and Me


The debut album for Between The Buried and Me was reletively unknown to most people. As with most bands they decided to name their debut the name of the band much like with other bands like Iron Maiden for example. When compared to the other albums later in their discography, it isn’t quite as progressive or as controlled as the others. But in my defence, they do use a multitude of different genres other than Metalcore or Progressive Metal.

There are some good parts in the album and the single, The Arsonist, is a classic. The finale, Shevanel Cut A Flip, is also an untimely classic because of the way it ends the story. If you like melodic riffing and slow music, you will like the ending to the song and the album. In total, the album is the shortest in the discography being less than 50 minutes which is short even for them.

I don’t hear much of the progressive side, instead I do hear more Metalcore, Death Metal, and Grindcore moments which I can’t say is their best work.

Overall, the debut, while was good in some instantses, wasn’t to interesting to me. 6/10

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