The issue of the Greek Financial Crisis was within your firm in 2015 because it had a subsidiary in that country. Management made a decision in 2015 to scale down the size of the subsidiary; management did not want to leave, but they decided it best to reduce the investments in the subsidiary. Now the management of the firm wants a re-evaluation of the situation in Greece; they want to decide whether they should begin re-investing in the subsidiary: specifically management wants a brief background on the crisis, i.e. what got Greece into this situation and what efforts were made to to help the Greek government; where do things stand at this time, i.e. what is the likely future of the country economically and politically over the next couple of years; they want an idea of what other MNEs with subsidiaries serving the Greek market are doing; and of course, what options might be available for as far as the subsidiary is concerned. DRAW FROM REPUTABLE SOURCES – NEWS MEDIA AND BUSINESS JOURNALS THAT ARE NOTEWORTHY – AND GET A BALANCED PERSPECTIVE. (EXAMPLES: ARTICLES FROM THE ECONOMIST, FOREIGN AFFAIRS JOURNAL, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE BBC, AL JAZEERA.) YOU MAY ALSO DRAW FROM PUBLICATIONS BY THINK TANKS OR RESEARCH INSTITUTES.