William J Bonstra is the founder of Bonstra Heresign Architects


William J Bonstra is the founder of Bonstra Heresign Architects. He is also the managing director. He founded the company in 2000, and over the years he has successfully designed several landmarks. His work is exemplary and has won national and regional recognition. His work has also featured in over 40 local and national journals. Some of these publications include the Washington post and Residential Architect. Apart from his architectural practice, he mentors young architects and works as a master design lecturer at the Catholic University of America. He also has some regular lectures at the University of Maryland. For his university studies, he graduated with honors from the University of Maryland. He is also a member of the Cosmos Club in Washington DC. There is just a lot that one can talk about when looking at Mr. Bonstra. His contribution goes just beyond the field of Architecture. One might say that he is one of the personalities that often think of the best for the society.
Bonstra is a company that was founded in the year 2000 and has its office in Washington DC. The firm comprises of 30 skilled individuals in architecture and design. The focus of this team is to find the solution to the challenges that face cities and their neighborhoods. The driving force of this team is the use of architecture in revitalizing and uplifting the physical environment and all the social and economic aspect that come with it. The team works in a situation where each takes part in the process of designing, developing and executing projects. It is through this approach that the team can have an open discussion on ideas and encourage creativity.
Since the inception of the company, its ideas and transformative agenda have led to immense success in the architecture field. The efforts of the company have also received several awards both locally and internationally. In the year 2018, the firm won the AIA Northern Virginia Chapter Design awards in the commercial Architecture category. It also won the ULI Washington trends awards in the excellence in housing development awards. In the year 2017 the firm won over five awards including the Design Arlington Awards, Brick in Architecture Awards, AIA Northern Virginia design Awards and the Delta Associate Awards for excellence. In 2016 the firm won the Montgomery County Affordable Housing conference, the Washingtonian Design Awards, AIA Northern Virginia Design awards and the AIA Northern Virginia Design Awards. There are also other awards that the firm won running back to the year 1989. The company has also designed several buildings such as the Aston, Q14 Condominium, the Jordan, Ten at Clarendon and many others.
Although the firm deals with different types of building, most of the constructions are commercial buildings. However, there are a few family homes that the firm has also constructed. One thing that seems to stand out from the projects that the firm has carried out is the elegance and the creativity that they have. Most of the buildings have a creative design that lasts for years while at the same time seeking to bring about some of the latest technologies that aim to reduce cost. The innovation that is put into developing these buildings makes them stand out from other developments.
The reason for the firm to focus on the built environment is because of the increasing urbanization. The expanding urbanization is continuously increasing a strain on the environment and thus making it hard for the situation to remain sustainable. The company focuses on the built environment to promote urbanization while still advocating sustainability. The focus on sustainability focuses on integrating the aspects of sustainability from the inception of the projects and goes beyond the reaching the eco-friendly features. In the development of the building, the firm seeks to satisfy the lifestyle of the occupants and is adaptable to the changing needs. Therefore, the focus of the company is to ensure that the built environment remains sustainable and makes it a place that people can cherish.
The Aston building is designed with a prominent metal cornice which forms an icon crown day and night. The Woodley Wardman has a unique design the makes it unique. With the strategic setbacks, the building reduces the visual impact on the street while the polychrome brick and rhythmic projections on the windows help to bring together the new and old. One of the buildings that the firm has constructed is 1728 Fourteen Street NW. This is a contemporary mixed-use commercial building and fits well in varied historical contexts. The structure is composed around a central three-story display window. It is also designed with craft masonry detailing the vibrant colors and textures.
In looking at the creativity and the uniqueness that the firm brings into the building industry one might agree that there is just more to architecture. The focus of the architect is not only to build houses but also to focus on an aspect such as suitability and environmental conservation.

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