What you need to know about Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease Essay


What you need to know about Stroke/Cerebrovascular Disease Essay
As a medical student you might be required to work on an essay on stroke/cerebrovascular disease. The goal of writing this type of an essay should be to demonstrate that you not only understand this type of a disease but also that you can write clearly in a scholarly manner. It is important to start by noting that brain cells need blood in order for them to perform properly. However, sometimes it so happens that the blood vessels responsible for taking blood to the brain are affected by a certain disorder. When this happens, brain cells are unable to get enough supply of oxygen and consequently this leads to brain damage. In essence, cerebrovascular disease refers to the medical conditions that interfere with the blood vessels ability to supply brain cells with oxygen. It then follows that an essay on stroke/cerebrovascular disease should be centered on such medical conditions.
Similar to writing other types of essays, the process of working on a cerebrovascular disease essay should begin with dissecting the essay question that you are supposed to tackle. There are different aspects of this disease that you might be required to work on such as: its causes, its effects, predisposing factors, diagnosis, its different types, preventive measures that can be put in place as well as how it affects different types of people. The point here is that you must never attempt to begin working on your essay if you are not sure what you are supposed to do.
It is not possible to write a scholarly essay on stroke/cerebrovascular disease without first reading the relevant sources of information. A helpful rule of thumb is that speculation is highly discouraged when writing this type of an essay. This means that all the claims that you make about this disease must be supported by evidence that can be verified. Some of the best sources where you can get such credible evidence include articles from medical journals as well as in textbooks. You must always be sure to cite such sources using AMA citation style as failure to do so amounts to plagiarism. As a student you should always try as much as possible to keep plagiarism at bay. Finally, before submitting the final draft of your cerebrovascular diseases essay you should confirm that it is in the right format. Your essay is supposed to among other things have: an introduction, body as well as a conclusion.

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