What it takes to become a Registered Nurse


What it takes to become a Registered Nurse
It is worth to note that the global aging population is increasing. Going in line with this, there is a growing high demand of registered nurses (RNs) to take care of the elderly among other types of patients. If you are aspiring to be a registered nurse then there are a number of things that you should know. First, in order to become an RN, then you will have to study an associate or a bachelor’s degree in this field of study. Normally, an associate degree takes about two years and you will also need to spend another two years from associate degree to an RN. On the other hand, you will need about four years in order to graduate with bachelor’s degree in nursing.
After you have graduated with a bachelor’s or an associate degree in nursing you will have to take a national examination. In United States, this examination is referred to as National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-RN). There is no way that you can become a registered nurse if you do not pass this examination. Once you pass it you can now apply for a license to become an RN. It is worth to note that the licensing board might have additional requirements before issuing you with such a license. For instance, you may be required to undergo a background check.
From the above, it appears that becoming a registered nurse is such an easy task. It is however worth to note that this is not always the case. This is because apart from attending classes and doing examination, you are supposed to write academic papers. Writing such papers can at times be extremely difficult especially if you do not have great writing and research skills. There are however a number of tips that can help you come up with an exceptional nursing paper.
To begin with, as a student who is aspiring to be a registered nurse, you should always write your paper using an acceptable writing style. APA is normally the style that is preferred by majority of nursing schools. Secondly, you must at all times avoid plagiarism when working on your nursing paper. This is because you are supposed to come up with original work. Moreover, you should follow the instructions that you have been provided for. Most importantly, you are supposed to stick to your topic and avoid including irrelevant information. Lastly, you should edit your nursing paper before you can hand it in for marking. If you would like any kind of assistance with writing papers from the field of nursing then you should contact us today as we are ready to help you.

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