US History and US Government


US history and US government
US history
The United States of America gained independence in 1776 from British colonialists after they developed tyrannical policies that oppressed Americans. A major war ensued before the colonialists freed them. The war was spearheaded by George Washington who later became the first president of the United States. Since then the US has been led by 44 presidents. Some of them include; James Madison, Bill Clinton, George Bush, Barrack Obama and Donald Triumph who is the current president.
After they gained their independence, they developed a constitution that united all the states in 1789. Since then the constitution has been amended 26 times and they still use it up to date. In 1861, the American Civil War started. It was caused by disagreements between the Northern and Southern states. The southern states were in support of slavery. They also wanted stronger federal governments rather than the central government as opposed to the North. This caused conflicts and they wanted to start their own country made of the southern states known as the Confederation States of America.
In the 20th century, America participated in World War 1 and World War 11. Initially, America did not want to get engaged in the war. They wanted to sell weapons to other nations. However after Germany submarine sank one of the ships carrying Americans. America embarked on a war with the Germans. The world wars led to America undergoing the great depression and roaring twenties period. Later it underwent a recession during the cold war with the Soviet Union.
US government
The US government is made up of three levels of government. The federal, state and local governments. The federal government comprises three branches of government. The legislative, judicial and executive. The legislature is made up of the congress that comprises of the senate and the House of Representatives. The senate has 100 senators, two from each state, and the House of Representatives 435 representatives from the districts. Its role is to make laws, advice the president and approve the foreign policy. They also regulate trade and tax and can impeach the president in support of a judicial committee. Congress can also declare war.
The executive is made up of the office of the president. He is elected after every four years. The president signs bills into law, he is the chief of the armed forces and the head of government. He also appoints the chief justice and federal judges with approval from the senate. The judicial branch of government homework help comprises of the courts. They interpret the constitution.
The Supreme Court is the highest court. Federal courts handle matters related to federal laws. All federal judges are appointed by the president with the help of the congress. They can only lose their job if they perpetrate mischievous behaviors that are against the law. This prevents them from pressure from politicians.
The US is a democratic state, people vote for leaders by secret ballot and the leaders represent them and make laws. The legislature creates laws, the executive executes them and the judicial branch of government interprets laws. This system is known as checks and balances. It helps avoid grant all the power to one branch of government and thus power is shared.

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