‘US’ and ‘Poland’ healthcare system assignment help

Your final assessment will be to compare the US Healthcare system to Poland Healthcare system. 

It is said that, “… the U.S. healthcare system can benefit from looking at the successes and failures within other system”. Compare the current U.S. healthcare system with (1) the structure [government programs], (2) the successes and (3) the failures within the healthcare system of another country and the United States.

a. Final Assessment Paper: As with all assignments; include an introduction, conclusion and 4-6 appropriate CURRENT scholarly peer-reviewed sources properly cited and referenced in-text.  MAXIMUM length: 8 pages. NOTE: This assignment includes a narrated PowerPoint presentation with Peer review. As always, APA formatting is required. 

You should have conducted research in various journals, the library, or appropriate websites to support the position you took on the issue using .org, .edu, or .gov websites only.  For this course, .com websites should never be used for research. Student paper should have a cover page, introduction, body paragraphs, conclusion, and reference page, all formatted in correct APA style. Most importantly, all references should be current, scholarly, professional, and peer reviewed. RUBRIC is attach.

b.  Narrated Power Point: You will prepare an informative document and a narrated PowerPoint presentation, adhering to the guidelines found in the Final Assessment Grading Rubric. Prepare an informative comparison document and a narrated Power Point presentation, adhering to the guidelines found in the Final Assessment Grading Rubric(attach).

Remember this has two part, the written part and the PPT. 

Please provide the written note in the PPT, so that is what I should record. 
Written work, mus follow APA style. Running header, APA format for references and also and abstract. 
Let me know if you have any question later. I will keep updated in case the professor give to us any new instruction for this homework.

Instruction Files

Winter 2017 Narrated PPT 100 point Critique Rubric (1).docx116.9 KBHCMG630 2016-2017 Final Assessment Grading Rubric.docx