Transistions Theory by Afaf Meleis


Note: Only primary references may be used in this and all graduate level nursing courses. Magazines, such as Nursing (year), Nursing Made Incredibly Easy, and RN and websites that are not subjected to scientific rigor, such as Wikipedia, are not considered professional literature and may not be used as professional references. Use of secondary references and/or non-professional references will result in a reduction in the grade earned on course assignments when professional references are needed and required. It is important to note that the first editions of publications, such as texts, and primary references are not the same thing. In most cases, first editions are not required though, as noted above, primary references are. Primary references are thoughts, ideas, etc. written by the author whose work you have accessed; secondary references are thoughts, ideas, etc. of another author and referenced by the author whose work you have accessed within their work. Paper 5 (Final Course Paper) This paper is to be 4-5 pages in length (5 pages is the maximum length for this paper and no more than 5 pages will be read/evaluated by the course faculty), excluding the title page, abstract page, and reference page. An abstract (which is an overview of the whole paper, not an introduction to the paper or a summary of the paper) is required for this paper. This paper must include at least 4 professional, primary references related to the chosen theory that is the focus of the paper, at least two of which must be professional nursing journal or professional nursing text references that are not required journal articles or texts for this course. Additional professional journal references and professional text references are encouraged and should be used as needed to support the discussion in the paper. Focus of Paper 5 – Analysis, Evaluation, & Application of a Nursing or Interprofessional Theory: Middle Range or Practice Theory Analyze a middle range or practice level nursing or interprofessional theory (or other pre-approved conceptual model/framework or theory), including a brief overview of the theory; evaluate the theory for its use in your chosen advanced practice nursing role (psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner role); and discuss application of the theory for use in your chosen advanced nursing practice role in diverse populations.

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