The Urban Black expenrience: English


Can you use 4 sources. I’m giving 3 sources and you can add one source yourself. The first sources. 1980 – The message ” Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five -discusses life in an Urban Ghetto. The second sources. 1960’s – Mississippi Goddam ”Nina Simone – A protest song about the oppression of black people. The third. 1940’s Native son Richard Wright – A novel which shows how the character Bigger Thomas Goes down a violent path, in part because he is African American. You must use this 3 sources in the essay and you should add one more source. Then all together will be 4 sources. You should use 4 sources in this essays. I’m giving 3 sources and add one more. Thesis: the topic is either an argument or on exploration, who, what, where, why, how brief overview in the introduction. Make sure to explain your ideas don’t only make statement, explain why the information is there. Examine your sources to make sure they can support your argument, even if the text doesn’t agree with you. Make sure you understand what your sources main idea (s) are. You must refer to all your sources, however, you are only required to quote where needed. Be sure to use MLA throughout your essay. When quoting and/or paraphrasing be sure to give credit to the original source. Don’t just summarize. The summary helps your reader by condensing information. But a research paper than a group of summaries. And can you put work cite in the essay. Don’t make general essay put work cite when you explaining.

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