The Trolley Problem


Address all of the following: 1. State and explain the moral dilemma posed by the Trolley Example (making sure to include all of the morally relevant details of the example – you should write this so that someone who is not in the class and has never heard of the example could understand the issue). 2. Explain the two positions that could be adopted to solve the dilemma and the general reasons why one might take either side. 3. Present and explain a reconstruction of the argument (you may and I would suggest that you use a reconstruction of the argument that I used on class or in the lecture slides) defending the majority position, i.e., the argument supporting the position that the right thing to do is to turn the trolley. (If there is no reconstruction of the argument in standard form, numbered premises and conclusion, the argument has not been presented). 4. Explain why a defender of this position would defend his claim that this argument is valid and sound

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