The Sweet Side of Bittersweet


After 21 years of marriage to the United States Air force, my family has lived in and experienced a variety of communities and cultures. My Father, a now retired lieutenant colonel, has served the air force his entire adult life. Attending Nursery in Texas, Preschool in Alabama, elementary school in New Mexico, Middle school in California, ninth and tenth grade in Alabama, and eleventh and twelfth grade in Fayetteville, Georgia has molded me into quite an adaptive individual. Despite all the amazing aspects of living as a daughter of the air force, moving has made it bittersweet. Tears, stress, and a dash of excitement engraved the moving days into my memory. As the last box was crammed into the moving van, we said goodbye the dear friends that have made our time at that base so special. Although the goodbyes hurt, they forced us to trust that God had a plan, a plan for us to Prosper and lift us up.

And as we pulled into our new home after several claustrophobic hours in the car, the restless little butterflies occupying my stomach reminded me of the new beginning that this home offered. New friends, new schools, new churches, new communities, and entirely new cultures proposed a chance for me to learn more about myself, and encouraged me to reach out to those who have to experience new for the first time. Attending college in the fall of 2013 will be yet another new for me, and I look forward to the chance to reach out to the fellow freshmen and offer a chance to make this adjustment together, because the first new ought to be a good one.

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