The History Of Ryanair Management Essay


Ryan air is Europe’s first and largest cheap fare airline. This airline has been formed in 1985 by Ryan family from just share capital of £1 and that time staff was only 25.They started with 15 seater Bandeirante aircraft from Ireland to London Gatwick.At that time cabin crew was less than 5ft because small cabin of the plane. In 1986 company took permission from the regulatory authorities from Dublin to London Luton and they bought two 46 seated turbo prop BAE748 aircraft which was the challenge to BA and Aer Lingus who were offering high fares. The package which Rynair gave from Dublin to Luton was half of the price which BA and Aer Lingus were giving so in result Rynair able to attract 82000 passengers in its 1st year of operation.

By having successful 1st year company bought its first jet plane from Tarom (Romanian state airline)in 1987.Tarom provided all the pilots and engineers to operate the Jet Plane. After this plane Ryanair able to expand its routes in Europe.

In 1988 company bought more jets and they became six in total from same company(Tarom) and they also bought new ATR42 TURBO PROP aircraft from GPA which were operated in Irish airports. They also increase their routes in Europe and business class service and frequent Flyer Club, both the services proved unsuccessful.

Company leased two more turbo props in 1989.They closed business class service and frequent flyer club due to losses.

Due to huge losses Ryanair started to restructure the company from1990 to 1993.They invest more money in the company under the new management. They started to cutting back routes and flights and also by scrapping free meals and drinks on board.In1993 company was operating only six flights from nineteen.But still they were able to carry hundred thousand passengers in 1 month due to lowest fares ever and increasing percentage of flights.

Company bought its first Boeing 737 in 1994 and they were able to launched 2 new routes.In 1995 Company became biggest passengers airline on Dublin to London and largest route in Europe and also became largest airline company in Ireland.

In 1996-99 Ryanir launched new routes they bought new Boeing and they provided most satisfactory service to the customers their profits became increase rapidly.Rynair became Plc in 1997.Company’s workers received shares. They launched 3rd airport base at Glasgow. Company declared most on time flight in 1997.

In year 2000 Ryanair continues to provide new services to the customers by launching its website which has been used by more 50000 people in 1 week. They also launched their first continental in 2001. But after 9/11 2001 attacks they were unable to achieve their aims because oil prices became increased and air traffic became reduced vastly. Despite of these facts Ryanair were able to give low fares and best service. In 2002 they bought 125 Boing planes which reflected great success of Ryanair .Huge expansion of the company were able to acquire to new bases in 2003 through they were able to access new European airports. It was declared on web that Ryanair is most poular airline in 2004.Success continues in 2006, 2007 and 2008.they carried 42.5 million people in 2006 year which was the record. They continue to provide best service to the customers through different sources. Company bought new generation plane they opened 223 new routes and also new bases. They also faced difficulties has been created by BA monopoly but history has been written when Ryanair win their case in European court 2008. History doesn’t ends here they continue to recruit more and more people, recruitment ratio has been increased by 210% in 2008 and thousands of employ has been promoted and this process is still continues.

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