The Charlie Barber Treatment


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A Character Study of Charlotte Barber

The novel The Charlie Barber Treatment is written by Carole Lloyd. It is about a male child called Simon whose female parent dies out of the blue. He is really disquieted and unable to acquire over his Dendranthema grandifloruom. When he meets Charlie Barber she truly cheers him up. Charlie has a large consequence on Simon. Charlie is a sixteen-year-old miss who is remaining with her Gran for the hebdomad.

We foremost run into Charlotte when Simon bumps into her outside the local newsdealers in his little town. Charlie asks Simon waies to somewhere she can walk her Gran s Canis familiaris. Simon tells her waies to the downs but Charlie intentionally gets baffled and gets Simon to travel with her.

Right from the first clip we meet Charlie we see she knows what she wants. She chuckled and the smile went all the to her eyes which stared rather straight and candidly into his.

This implies she is really pleased when Simon offers to demo her the manner to the downs.

We see she is complete control of hers and Simon s relationship, right from the beginning.

I m non traveling up at that place entirely. Simon has a sudden sense of being out played. Here Simon knows that she has no purpose of allowing him travel.

I think Charlie is

a really independent miss. Who cares what other people think? She besides shows she is independent by being in the small town without her pa.

We know that Charlie is rather caring from when she won t give Simon any sugar for his tea. She playfully argues with him. It s bad for you.

Charlie is a really cagey miss. She has eleven O-levels and is traveling to university. Simon is cagey every bit good so they are rather good matched.

Charlie and Simon foremost know for certain that they like each other when Charlie is at Simon s house. I needed to see you. Subsequently on Simon walks Charlie place and they hug and kiss.

Charlie knows she is frontward and sometimes a spot pushful but non in a awful manner. Gran thinks I m really frontward and you re likely merely excessively polite to state me. Later Charlie besides says I m a spot pushful though aren T I.

When Charlie and Simon are in the saloon she acts sanely so as non to acquire them thrown out as under-aged drinkers. Fancy inquiring tonight, she taunted him, when I m already taken for.

This shows she is good at managing people, particularly grownups.

Near the terminal of the novel we find that Charlie has to go forth early and this devastates Simon dut Charlie remains unagitated and amenitiess Simon. Here we see she is a strong miss.

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