The Big 5 Personality Traits


Topic: The Validity of The Big 5 as “universal” human personality traits Personality assessments such as the California Personality Inventory (CPI) and the NEO Personality Inventory are based on universal folk scales and the Big 5 domains: openness, conscientiousness, extroversion, agreeableness, neuroticism. According to extensive studies, these 5 domains have been shown to be consistent across diverse cultures-German, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese cultures. Currently, there is no good theory that explains why the Big Five takes the form it does, or why it is so commonly observed cross-culturally and it is my hypothesis that the Big 5 and other constructs of personality are analyzed from the limited scope of Western epistemology and norms. Consequently, I’d like to investigate if there are more appropriate traits or scales that can be utilized and are cross-culturally validated.

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