The 4 Gospels and their themes


4 gospels and their themes

Mark, Mathew, John, and Luke are the four gospels that discuss the life of Jesus Christ. Although the four have a few similarities, they are themed differently and each of them focuses on a particular aspect about Jesus Christ and his ministry. Jesus is the son of God. He is a symbol of love, mercy, and forgiveness. Unlike other religions in ancient times, the four gospels advocated for the worship of one God. Each gospel targeted a particular audience such as the Jews, gentiles and the early church.


The gospel of Mathew focused primarily on informing people about the arrival of Jesus Christ who is the messiah. It was a fulfillment of prophecies made in the Old Testament. The gospel utilized words and titles that Jews were conversant with to inform them. It also affirmed that Jesus Christ was the anointed one.  Mathew was written in Greek and targeted Greek-speaking Jews.

Although it was written in Greek it did not neglect the Romans and the Gentiles. Mathew concentrated more on the words and the speeches that Jesus gave for example in chapter five, it explains the sermon in the mount. Although the author of this gospel is not mentioned, speculations indicate that it could be Mathew the disciple of Jesus.


The gospel of Mark was written by John Mark who was very close to Peter. It contains the accounts of the ministry of Jesus Christ. Mark gathered information about God and Jesus from Peter who was a disciple of Jesus Christ. It also contains information about the deeds and words of God, the father of Jesus Christ. Mark focused more on what Jesus did. The miracles he performed, his journey to Jerusalem and the events that preceded his death.  According to Mark, Jesus came to fulfill the word of God.


The gospel of Luke focused on the human aspects of Jesus. This is revealed by human traits and his works. It concentrated on how Jesus was born and his childhood. Also, Luke stressed acts such as when Jesus wept and sweat. He shed light on his lineage from Adam and cases when he prayed just like humans.

The gospel of Luke also focused on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Although the author of Luke is not mentioned, hints indicate that it could be Luke the disciple of Jesus. It was written to Theophilus.  Luke portrayed Jesus as salvation. He came to fight the evil one. Luke aimed at strengthening the faith of believers and changing the minds of the unbelievers.


The gospel of John was mainly evangelistic. He wrote his work in a style that would capture the minds of Greek thinkers. He described Jesus as the light to the world and the bread of life. He came to separate the children of light and those of darkness and those who believed in him would receive eternal life through the Holy Spirit. He described Jesus Christ as a divine being that became human to fulfill the words of God. John purposed to show that Jesus was the son of God. This is depicted through words like I and my father are one, and the word was with God and the Word was God.

Although the four gospels of Christ discuss Jesus’ ministry, they all have different themes. Mathew focused more on the arrival of Jesus Christ as the messiah who had been prophesied in the Old Testament. Mark emphasized the deeds of Jesus Christ. Luke looked at the human traits of Jesus Christ and John aimed at proving that Jesus is the son of God.

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