That Day


That day was one of the greatest days I have had in a while, that day I felt accomplished and that all of my hard work had finally paid off, that day is what I wanted all of my days to feel like in the future. That day that I am talking about was on February 16th, 2013, at the forty-third annual Bloomington Tournament, when I won my first medal with the Benilde-St.Margaret’s (BSM) speech team. That day I experienced wonderful feelings of pride, joy and success. I felt so accomplished because this was only my third tournament and my first year participating on BSM speech team. Now I remember every specific aspect and element of February 16th, therefore let me explain to you what happened on that day. I woke up bright and early at five thirty, afterwards I continued with my normal agenda. Next my dad and I drove to BSM, where the speech team loaded on the bus to proceed to the forty-third annual Bloomington Tournament.

At that moment I remember performing my speech to the window, to make sure that I retained all of my speech and didn’t forget anything. We got to the school in about fifteen minutes, which is when I started to sense butterflies in my stomach. Now my first performance started at nine o’clock, with about six other people and I was third. Therefore this gave me thirty minutes to practice, I went through my speech a few more times, and every time I repeated it I felt more and more confident. When it was my time to perform I remember including lots of expression in my face and my voice, and I nailed all of my gestures at the right time. I had to keep in mind that I shouldn’t become to overconfident because this was only my first performance out of three. Henceforth I performed with all of my heart for the next two performances; I got lots of compliments on my third performance, which I believe was my personal best. Afterwards I headed back to the school’s cafeteria and ate my lunch while we were waiting for the final results. At that time I remember being so anxious, then the judges put the list of finalists on the wall. As I walked up to the novice poetry list, I was ecstatic to see my name on the list. After that I collected my stuff and performed my speech one more time, with one hundred and fifty percent effort. Afterwards we went to the auditorium to accept the awards. As the announcer announced the novice poetry category, and said my name for third place I was so excited and I couldn’t stop smiling. From then on my work ethic has improved immensely, including school, my volunteer work and my life in general. This demonstrates how with one success your inspiration can increase. Therefore this will forever be one of my greatest memories that I will refer to as “That Day”.

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