Technologies that can be Applied to Disaster Management


ln the emergence of major disasters, there is need to have a very accurate and real time information to be used by the humanitarian agencies for effective response of the victims. There are some of The Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) used for disaster management which depend on the three main criteria; approach, cost and adaptability. Example of the software include the Sahana which was developed in Sri Lanka. lt has various components which work together via a shared database in order to provide a web based information. This include; organization registry used for distributing and monitoring agencies and their coverage, Disaster victim registry which is used to track the missing victims, those injured, displaced or dead. lt allows the affected families and friends to find their loved ones. Camp registry is used to report and manage the temporary shelters where the victims are allocated. Request management system is used for monitoring the aid supply and demand in the camps. Other components include inventory management system used carry out inventory of the aid distributed in camps so as to determine the next stock, Messaging module which is used to send notifications for the people involved. Mapping module enables the map annotation e.g. assigning attributes of the disaster. Lastly the synchronizing module helps in exchanging or sharing the disaster data through various devices with the help of internet connectivity (Jennex, 2012,).
Some of the examples of the Sahana application are Pakistan earthquake in 2005, Philippines mudslides in 2006, lndonesia Yogyakarta earthquake in 2006.Sarvodaya, the largest non-governmental organization in Sri Lanka have implemented Sahana for future disaster preparation. Terre des Hommes has customized the software by including the Children protection module so as to safeguard children during disasters (Currion, Silva, & Van de Walle, 2007). Sahana has therefore proved to be the best FOSS for large scale disasters globally.

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