Summary of “The Politics of God” Essay Sample


The essay “The Politicss of God. ” by Mark Lilla is a New York Times article that was adapted from his book“The Stillborn God: Religion. Politicss and the Modern West.The article discusses the development and function that political divinity dramas in the modern universe. This essay will discourse two parts in Lilla’s article called miracles and the opposite shore.

In miracles. Lilla discusses how political divinity evolved in Europe and America. despite all the alterations that occurred in western societies such as the separation of church and province. secularisation. and democratisation. The writer discusses differences between the American and European experience. in that over clip American’s religion in faith has remained unusually strong. while European’s religion in faith has bit by bit declined.

Lilla so inquiries whether modernisation and secularisation will do the decease of political divinity or will political divinity continue to stay a menace which can attest itself into political individualities such as fascism.

Subsequently the writer discusses the function Muslim in-migration dramas in political divinity. which can be debatable since Muslims come from societies governed by Islamic Torahs. which is the subject of the opposite shore.

In the opposite shore. the writer discusses the world. that as Muslim societies modernize they will travel through a diminution in their religion like some western societies have. Lilla so illustrates that political divinity is adaptative with a few Muslim bookmans naming for broad Islamic political divinity. which can easy set to modern society.

Lilla besides discusses how version is possible for Muslims. as it was in Christianity when theologists. such as Martin Luther developed theological logical thinking. which allowed Christians to accommodate to modern life. Lila eventually notes that some Muslims bookmans prefer societies where Islamic Torahs can be adapted to modern life by construing Islamic jurisprudence to suit into modern society. instead than dividing church and province as in western societies.


Lila. Mark. “The Politics of God. ”New York Times Magazine19 August 2007.

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