Select An Organization. Ideally, This Would Be A Healthcare Organization That You Are Part Of In Some Way But Any Organization Will Do. Now, Identify And Outline The Structure Of The Organization From A Governance Standpoint. Here Are Some Questions To Co

Select an organization. Ideally, this would be a healthcare organization that you are part of in some way but any organization will do. Now, identify and outline the structure of the organization from a Governance standpoint. Here are some questions to consider:
Who OWNs the organization? Is it a for profit, not for profit, government, or other types of organization?
Who are the shareholders and/or stakeholders?
Who LEADs the organization? How is that person selected?
How do the OWNERs ensure that the LEADERs efforts are in line with the OWNERs wants and desires?
How are decisions made in this organization?
How are conflicts resolved in this organization?
How is the allocation of scarce resources addressed in this organization?
Knowing what you have learned about governance, do you see issues with the organization you selected? Could things be better?