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Her enchanting voice, fierce looks and, of course, her “bad girl” sexuality has attracted Rihanna fans all around the world. Starting off as a 17 year old from Barbados, she was predicted to be a “one-hit wonder” at the beginning of her career because of her first smash hit “Pon De Replay.”

Now a superstar, Rihanna’s had a long run of “being in the moment,” with numerous number one singles under her belt and millions of fans overwhelmed by her presence. She reinvents her sound year after year with help from other writers.

Her new songs are hits that mix Pop with a twist of dance Techno. This catchy mix includes “Only Girl in the World,” “We Found Love,” and “Where Have You Been,” from the Loud and Talk That Talk CDs.

Criticized for showing off her natural assets and being more natural in her skin, she has reinvented her look many times, changing her hair style from a short bob to a fiery red, then to Blondie from The Sex Pistols style curls.

Her clothing became more skin tight and revealing.

She dealt with domestic abuse from her former boyfriend, Chris Brown, who was charged with assault and making criminal threats according to an article from People.com in June 2009. He served five years on supervised probation and completed six months of community service according to an article from Dailymail.com in Feb. 2011.

Releasing seven albums, she is a regular on radio stations. Her latest singles are “Where Have You Been” and “Diamonds.”

“Where Have You Been” another song by Rihanna includes these lyrics, “You can have me all you want/Any way, any day/Just show me where you are tonight/ I’ve been everywhere, man/Looking for someone/Someone who can please me/Love me all night long.” This song is about Rihanna looking for someone to love her all night long, because out of her whole group of guys that she has loved, there’s this one special guy who has made her happy.

The latest single includes the lyrics: “You’re a shooting star I see/A vision of ecstasy/When you hold me, I’m alive/We’re like diamonds in the sky /So shine bright tonight, you and I/ We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky/Eye to eye, so alive/We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky.” This is about a couple whose love combined is like a diamond in the sky, meaning they love each other so much it’s stunning, like a shiny bright diamond that glows lastingly in the dark blue night sky.

Other Rihanna CDs are Music of the Sun, A Girl like Me, Good Girl gone Bad, Rated R, and this year’s new album Unapologetic. Some of her major hits include: “Pon De Replay,” “Unfaithful,” “Rehab,” “Russian Roulette,” “Rude Boy,” “S&M,” “What’s My Name,” “Cheers,” “Talk That Talk,” and “Birthday Cake.”

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