Reflective Journal: Policy Advocacy


Crime is a never‐ending problem. Police departments, correctional institutions, and state and federal legislators are always advocating for new policies in criminal justice. In this course, you have explored many controversies in criminal justice and the time has come to develop and advocate a policy of your own.

To Prepare:

Consider the topics explored in the course. Then, think about:

Which topic resonated most with you?( SEE ATTACHED)
What ideas do you have for a policy that might help solve that controversy?
In at least 500 words:
Gun control

I disagree with the banning the assault rifle. Despite, taking firearms from civilians, it may not prevent the criminals from obtaining firearms or even breaking the law. Taking away the gun from law-abiding citizens will not prevent the lawbreakers from acquiring the weapon from other sources. From research done by the Bureau of Justice, you find that most of the prisoners confessed to having taken the gun from their rightful owner without the knowledge of the owner (Spitzer, 2015, p.45).
The Second Amendment of the US protects the individual gun owner. With the history of Americans owning firearm being older than the country, gun-owning is considered one of the rights of the individual which they equate to the freedom of speech or liberty of religion (Beckett & Sasson, 2003, p.67). Justice Antonin Scalia talks of the second Amendment allowing individuals without militia history to have the right to own a firearm for traditionally lawful purposes like self-defence.
Banning guns from civilians gives a lot of power to the government, and this increases the risk of tyranny. It is that having guns will reduce the chance of any government having a lot of control over the civilians. According to a survey done by the Pew research team, 57% of the citizens believe that owning a gun is a way of avoiding government tyranny and keeping away the street thugs.
Although I don’t agree with the banning of guns, I would like the introduction of more gun control law that would prevent the weapons from falling in the wrong hands. Background research on the individual receiving gun should be done. Although it may look like an invasion of privacy, it will help in establishing the kind of person the individual is and if the individual is fit to own a gun (Spitzer, 2015, p.98).

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